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Zanu PF scared of poll defeat

The time for electoral campaigning is upon us. Zimbabwe faces a mammoth task of trying to resuscitate a country which has been reduced to a pariah state.

Among a plethora of issues that the Global Political Agreement (GPA) has to address before the country holds elections is that of security sector reform.
There are many Zanu PF officials who are desperately trying to cover up for their failures by singing loudly in support of uniformed forces involvement in politics. This team of praise-singers is actually doing more harm to Zanu Pf.

Patrick Chinamasa is alleged to have made retrogressive remarks to the BBC, claiming that even if Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai were to win the next election, the army would stop him from forming a government.

To date, President Robert Mugabe has suffered numerous humiliations. He has been a casualty of blundering by his lieutenants a countless times.

The past two Zanu PF congresses held in Mutare and Bulawayo, endorsed that elections were to be held in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Zanu PF travelled to the Sadc Summit held in Luanda, Angola, to campaign for the holding of elections this year.

Had it not been for Sadc, we could be holding elections now! As if that was not enough, there were attempts to have South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma removed as GPA facilitator.

Recent utterances by Chinamasa show how shaken and scared Zanu PF is. It is an admission that Zanu PF can’t win an election held in a free and fair environment.

As we edge towards polls, the country  awaits with abated breath as the constitution-making process enters its last but certainly most important stages. It is the hope of all progressive Zimbabweans that we will have a new constitution before the next elections.

After having spent three years writing this charter and  spending more than US$40 million, most of which was sourced from outsiders, can we just throw away all this effort?

Mamuse Maunganidze,
Mt Pleasant

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