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‘GPA a huge security threat’

GWERU — ZANU PF has declared the Global Political Agreement (GPA) a huge security threat and has vowed not to implement some provisions of the pact if sanctions imposed on the country in 2000 remain entrenched.


According to the Central Committee Report tabled by President Robert Mugabe during the official opening of the 13th National People’s Conference on Friday, Zanu PF said the GPA had provided an easy passage for imperialists and the country’s detractors to interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

“. . . The GPA, continues to usher in politically-related security threats and concerns to this country. This is a result of the fact that one half of our government still finds comfort in the loving arms of our detractors and those we fought against in our quest for independence and nationhood,” reads a section on national security.

“This unwarranted invitation of external forces by our unfaithful partners in government is seriously compromising our sovereignty and territorial integrity with a view to undermine our statehood. This puts our security well-being and national interests in grave danger.”
The report on external relations says the European Union and its allies will never be satisfied by progress made by the GPA, unless Zanu PF is dislodged from power, hence the extension of sanctions by the economic bloc in February.

The report said the EU wanted to undermine the decisions made by Zimbabweans, thereby setting the tone for political developments in the country.

“It is ironic that those who imposed sanctions argue that they cannot remove them until the GPA has been fully implemented, conveniently choosing to ignore the fact that the removal of the unwarranted sanctions is an integral part of the full implementation of the GPA,” reads the report.

“The continuation of the sanctions has become the single largest obstacle to the full implementation of the GPA.”

“The sanctions are divisive as some members of the same Cabinet cannot travel freely to EU member states for government business, while others can do so.”

“The sanctions, therefore, impede the effective functioning of the GPA by breeding unnecessary animosity and suspicion in government.”

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