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A few fashion-related resolutions

Happy New Year, readers. I am certain that you all have decided on your resolutions for the year. Whether you have new ones or you are carrying over the unaccomplished ones from last year, they are resolutions nonetheless. I have a few ideas for fashion-related resolutions that should be easy to implement over the next 12 months.

Opinion by Heather R

Your body is not the only one that requires a detox. Your wardrobe does too. You can tell just by looking at it that there are items of clothing you have not worn in the last 12 months. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you will not wear it again. If it is big or too small due to a change in your weight, what are the chances that you will return to that weight? Even if you do, will you still feel the same way about that item of clothing? Why not remove what you no longer wear and give to someone that would appreciate the clothes more. A friend of mine, my sister and I, have emptied out our closets and intend on giving the clothes away to a women’s shelter. Some women leave their abusive husbands with just the clothes on their backs so we’re giving some clothes to them.

Figure you out:
Our clothes are the first way we express ourselves, they speak on our behalf. Therefore you need to decide what you would like your wardrobe to reflect about you. Instead of just buying anything that looks nice in the store or on someone else, be intentional. Shop with a purpose.

Don’t go for quantity, go for quality. Nowadays there are many people into clothing, so options alone are in abundance but you need to look for good quality. Good quality does not mean you need to break the bank but it means that the fabric used is of good quality and the tailoring is great so that even the fitting of the clothes is decent. Buy superior quality make-up and perfume instead of using deodorant as your main fragrance. You are worth it.

Be adventurous:
Step out of your comfort zone. Try something you would not normally do. Wear clothes in a different colour from your usual colour palette; rock a daring hairstyle even if it means just colouring your hair. Just a note, make it pleasantly different, not an awful different. Apply your make-up differently; take a break from the usual you.

Learn a new skill, be it make-up application, tweezing eyebrows, flat-ironing your hair or just how to dress stylishly. Read a magazine, ask someone who does something you like well or watch a movie.

Take care of yourself
Your body needs to be taken good care of if you want to grow old. Exercise, sleep well and eat what your body needs and less junk. Your skin will appreciate these changes too, as will your hair. Take time to nourish and maintain your hair. I know that taking care of oneself is difficult work and requires a sacrifice or two but if you set your mind to it, it is achievable. I intend on gaining weight but this requires dedication and consistency on my part. I also want to be able to rock my natural hair this year.

Health checkups are vital in that you know where your body is at. We tend to only check on our bodies when they are not doing too well. Prevention is a lot better than cure. Dental check-ups, medical examinations should not only be for visa purposes, but for you to know where you stand. Knowledge is power. Also go, alone or with a friend, for an HIV test.
Here’s to a better year and to living instead of merely existing.

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