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Mokoomba heads for Busara Festival

Celebrated afro-fusion group, Mokoomba, that has performed at various platforms across Europe, is set to take part at the Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar.


The festival, which is rated as the number one arts fete in East Africa, will run from February 14 to 17, featuring celebrated musicians from across the continent.

In an interview with Standardlife&style, Mokoomba manager Marcus Gora said the group would be representing the country at the fete.

“Mokoomba will represent the country at the 10th edition of Sauti za Busara which takes place at Stone Town, Zanzibar, next month,” he said. He added that the group was however, still trying to raise funds to travel for the festival.

“We are still fundraising for our travel and other logistical requirements of the festival. We have sent application letters to different sponsors and we are still waiting for confirmations,” said Gora.

Centred within the ancient walls of The Old Fort, the main stage of the festival will host three nights of non-stop live music.

An open-air cinema in the adjacent amphitheatre will screen musical films from Africa and the diaspora while throughout Zanzibar a variety of plays, traditional music, open mic sessions and a variety of other fringe events, dubbed Busara Xtra, will be held.

About 200 musicians from across Africa, both upcoming and established, will perform at the festival.

Mokoomba play an electrifying blend of Afro-fusion and tantalising traditional Tonga rhythms. The group has been making waves with their second album, Rising Tide that was on European and World charts last year.

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