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Investigate Matongorere debacle

Some things never change.

Final Whistle with Simba Rushwaya

Just when we thought we would smell a rare breath of fresh air coming from the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) in the new season, it would appear we were after all wrong.

Reports this week indicated that Zifa technical director Nelson Matongorere voted as Warriors captain for the Ballon D’Or in what might have been a fraudulent action during the Federation of International Football Associations (Fifa) vote. The report also claims that former Warriors coach Rahman Gumbo voted.

Matongorere  and Gumbo denied ever voting in the competition that awarded Barcelona magician Lionel Messi with his fourth consecutive world gong, but Fifa records seem to show otherwise.

While all other teams including the women’s team had the right people voting, it would appear Matongorere and Gumbo are disputing what is coming from Zurich while Zifa say they are investigating the matter.

Veteran journalist Charles Mabika was the other local who took part in the voting process.

In the women’s category, there was no controversy with Mighty Warriors gaffer Rosemary Mugadza and skipper Onai Chingawo voting.
Under normal circumstances Warriors captain Kapini was supposed to take part in the voting process but was somehow replaced by Matongorere.

It remains to be established who cast the Warriors coach’s vote.
Warriors vice-captain Tinashe Nengomasha took part in the previous edition but it was not clear why neither Kapini nor any of his two deputies in the senior team, Esrom Nyandoro and Nengomasha, did not vote.

Matongorere, according to Fifa, masqueraded as Warriors skipper and chose Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Pique of Barcelona and Messi in that order.

While there is still mystery surrounding what really transpired, until we get confirmation from Fifa, the fact remains – Zifa hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons.

It is prudent that Zifa delves into the matter. What is worrisome is the fact that the Zifa secretariat does not have such important documents in their cabinet. Under normal circumstances, it is a matter which can easily be referred to records, but due to failure by the association to file events, this case might take ages to investigate.

Why Zifa chose Matongorere to represent the Warriors as the captain remains a mystery and if it was a genuine mistake, then heads must roll for that gaffe.

If Matongorere indeed voted as a player, he must resign from his post because very few people will retain respect for him after stooping so low. It is not just Matongorere who should be shown the door, but the person who gave the wrong forms to him must also quit to retain dignity.

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