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Celebrities fight road carnage

Pastor Charles Charamba and his wife Olivia have been added to the list of celebrities appointed traffic safety ambassadors by the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ).

They will serve the northern region of the country together with football legends George Shaya and David Mandigora.

TSCZ managing director Obio Chinyere told Standardlife&style the appointments were part of United Nations’ 2011-2020 goal of reducing road accidents by 50%.

“[The] UN asked nations to appoint prominent people because of the influence and following they have in their respective countries,” said Chinyere.

“This month is pedestrian and cyclist month. Imagine the impact of having the Charambas speak about road safety at their shows or how it would feel to get a flyer from Shaya.”

Last week Charamba said he was honoured to be appointed to this important position.

“As you may know, I am not an expert in this regard but we have been given the task because of one of our songs about traffic safety titled Musatyaira Makadhakwa from the album New Testament in Song,” said Charamba.

He said the role had come as an extension of his mission.
‘“We had shown concern [about road accidents] through recording the song. It is an extension of what we have been doing in terms of taking care of people’s health spiritually. We can now preach physical health and safety but we do not brag about it.

“I may not necessarily have any new message but I reiterate that we need to respect each other on the roads for the sake of lives and souls.”

He urged drivers not to retaliate when wronged on the roads so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Charamba said his role would be a bit subdued for some time because of his commitment at the Zimbabwe College of Music where he is studying for a degree in music.

He added he would do his best to complement his fellow ambassadors whenever he gets the opportunity.

On the other hand, Mandigora said he felt honoured by the faith that Traffic Safety Council had shown in him.

“I am currently distributing flyers and sticking posters around so as to make sure that the public is aware of our message,” said Mandigora.

“We are going to be starting campaigns where we will be talking to people at road intersections and robots and teaching school- children how to behave when using the roads.”

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