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Profiling programmes helpful

In the absence of a scientific approach to recruitment and continued tracking of changes in the profile of jobs, organisations continue to make recruitment errors.

The net effect is compromised performance and productivity levels in business. HR practitioners would do justice if they put in place periodic job profiling programmes.

The establishment of a new business strategy presents a perfect opportunity to re-profile all the jobs in order to ascertain the required competencies in delivering the business strategy?

In next week’s installment, l am going to explore the methodologies for job competence mapping. I would be glad to receive your feedback on job profiles that you think have become traditional and are no longer serving the demands of the current dispensation.

l Request Machimbira is group CEO for Proficiency Consulting Group International and StrategyWorld Consulting. For feedback, email proficiencyconsulting@gmail. com or visit www.proficiencyinternational.com. Cell: 0772 693 404/ 0776 228 575.

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