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Harare water crisis is man-made

Your article on Mbare residents water problems made sad reading. [The Standard February 10-16 2013]. In fact that is some of us to the south of the city have not seen any improvement in water supply. Calls for Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda to resign have not been heeded. Are the relevant political parties aware that it will cost them if they do not improve our lot?

We know firing the mayor will not change anything in terms of bringing water to residents, but it will send the right signals to dealing with incompetency. Look at the pot holes and the mounts of refuse! Why can we not bring back Elias Mudzuri? We have an unfortunate tendency of sending good performers packing. Mayor Masunda should be confined to private organisations where he would provide wise counsel and let engineers deal with the water crisis.

Humure Shepherd

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