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Mugabe donates beast to Makones

President Robert Mugabe donated one of the beasts slaughtered at Nyarai Makone’s memorial service, the late daughter of Theresa and Ian Makone.


Ian is an advisor to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai while Theresa is the MDC-T co-minister of Home Affairs in the inclusive government.

“When you see VaMugabe, please thank him for us,” said Ian to Tsvangirai. “He gave us a beast for this event.”

He added: “Some of the food which will be eaten here was prepared by police officers. please thank VaChihuri [Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri] for us as well.”

Nyarai (32), who speakers at the event said was suffering bipolar disorder or manic depression, died after hanging herself at the family’s Domboshava homestead in December last year.

According to an online source, Medical Newstoday, bipolar disorder is “a mental disorder characterised by abnormal mood shifts, as well as fluctuations in energy, activity levels and the ability to complete everyday tasks”.

The Makone family has since launched the Nyarai Makone Foundation, which will fight stigmatisation of those suffering from the condition and raise awareness about it.

“In the past, an epileptic person would be locked up in a room which would then be set ablaze and they would die in there,” Tsvangirai said.

“When a woman gave birth to twins, one would be killed.
“During the first years of HIV and Aids, people were being quarantined. What we need to do, even with the bipolar condition, is to accept. We need to open up about it and continue loving those who are suffering from the condition.”

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