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Top drawer meals at Bottom Drawer

Situated in Harare’s central suburbs, this outdoor café is lovely both visually and gastronomically.

By le connoisseur

The double storey house next door holds a morning market every Wednesday and Saturday for those keen on home produce, and this helps attract an interesting array of people from all walks of life.

There is also a shop run in conjunction with the café, and some most unusual and quite delightful items can be found here. It was enjoyable to have a quiet browse around and pick up some gifts in such pleasant surroundings.

There are various choices of seating, from the relaxed and peaceful seating areas around the secure swimming pool, then for the less adventurous, or perhaps on a cold winter’s day, the more formal veranda seating, to the wonderfully rustic benches under umbrellas, nestled in and around a lovely garden setting, with an interesting mix of gorgeous roses and palms. Like an English country garden, this idyllic setting is definitely very soothing; all greens and whites, with the quiet twitter of birds in the background.

Arriving with boisterous children in tow, there is plenty to keep them occupied, from the trampoline, which has a shallow, child-friendly pit, from which all things can be, and were often, retrieved, to the sweet little Wendy House, where little girls can play house.

Of course this was unlikely to happen, as our young tyrants proceeded to turn the place upside down, and they probably would have been found lurking in there, if their natural exuberance did not mean they could not resist play-fighting and hauling each other around by their underwear and generally making a nuisance of themselves — as one does, when one is still pre-school, and generally has no respect for others, either large nor small!

The arrival of these young terrors did not even cause the staff of this establishment to break stride, as this appeared to be a normal day for them, although I am sure there were other patrons who were quite delighted when we finally packed up and left!

We were very attentively looked after by the sweet and cheerful Emma, an absolute star. Nothing was too much trouble for her, she bent over backwards to attempt to make our day better.

Even the Chef was seen out and around, conversing with the visitors from time to time, about various enquiries about the menu or any issue arising. Apparently those running this place will move heaven and earth to keep you happy and satisfied.

The menu is well thought out, perhaps the only fault being, that for such a family oriented café, there is a lack of child-friendly meals.

The coffee milkshakes were, we thought, among the very best in Harare; big and very creamy and therefore quite delicious! They serve homemade, lovely fresh lemonade and other refreshing beverages are also on offer.

Our wonderfully tangy, fresh salads were so appetising, served with their delicious herb bread and their own special salad dressing, definitely making you want to come back for more.

The plate was exceptionally well presented, with good attention to detail; most artistic, and very pleasing to the eye.

Service was quite prompt considering it was quite full, and although we were left to enjoy ourselves, we were periodically attended to in a most unobtrusive manner.

Various puddings were on offer, and although we were already very satisfied by our milkshakes and salads, we decided to sample a Lemon Flan between us.  This was a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend it; truly delightful!

Deluxe Coffee Shop
5 Plates
Expect to spend US$10 – US$20 per head
14 Maasdorp Avenue, Belgravia, Harare

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