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How to decorate a rented property

Last  week we looked at the relationship between landlords and their tenants.

with helen devmac

We saw how some lease agreements are so rigid as to not even allow nails  to  be driven into walls for the purpose of hanging pictures, let alone the use of sello- tape and other adhesive tapes.

Does it mean that if one is a tenant, one has to live in unattractive surroundings? The current economic climate makes it very difficult for people to own the homes in which they live, so leasing has become the only option for many  people, particularly  young people just starting out.

And there are many ways in which to decorate a property you are renting without necessarily breaking your bank balance or incurring the wrath of your land- lord.

Most landlords are reasonable people, and if a tenant is  going to renovate a property tastefully and by so doing add value to the leased property, I see most property owners giving the tenant the go ahead, provided that the cost of renovation is being met by the tenant.

Negotiate with the landlord, pointing out what you would like to do and ensure that you oversee the work and bring in professional plumbers, painters, etc for the job, in return for which you must  ask for a reduction in  rentals.

This is a win-win situation for everybody, the landlord gets added value to his property and you get the style you deserve. It is important though to remember that your decorating should be as neutral as possible in order to suit the needs of future tenants.

Keep the walls and floors as neutral as possible, and if the furniture is your own then introduce colour elements that will match the neutral palette created by the walls and flooring.

If painting walls is too costly, how about using light-weight  fabric to bring texture and colour to your walls.

Using a mixture of cornstarch and water, paste  lightweight fabric of your choice on to a wall, just as you would wallpaper. This is absolutely non-committal, when you are moving, simply use a water gun, thoroughly wet the fabric before peeling it off. It comes off easily and all you have to do is give the wall a thorough sponging to remove the starchy residue.

Create different colour patterns instead of pictures or cover a whole wall with one colour.

If you are creative, go on to create freestanding fabric covered panels you can use to divide particularly large rooms into specific areas such as a lounge and dining area, perhaps even a reading corner.

  • complement accommodation with colour

If your rented accommodation comes with chairs and sofas, how about making loose slip-on calico covers, which are easily removable. Complement the loose covers with lots of bright and beautiful cushions.

Changing curtains too, will do wonders to any rented premises, replace existing curtains with stylish curtains of your own, adding length and depth to your window treatments.

Rented properties can often look dark and dingy with ill-fitted lighting, perhaps previous tenants would have removed bulbs and fixtures, change fittings without altering much of the structure, light-up your space using table lamps and floor lamps. Ensure that your windows are clean to allow maximum natural light to filter in.

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