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Antique Rose — Practically perfect in every way

Antique Rose is a lovely coffee shop tucked away in the Golden Stairs Nursery complex.  Alas, there is still no signage to help you find it, which was pointed out by last year’s reviewer also. However, it is well worth tracking down! We loved the theme and décor, which takes you back to a bygone post-world war era. Here is a restaurant which has really carried its theme right through — there are so many quaint and wonderful memorabilia of 1940-50s England and everything else you use or see carries this same theme. We went through to the counter inside to admire the display, not just of dainty cakes and treats but also, the themed bric-a-brac of all kinds.

by le connoisseur

Our waiter Livingstone was delightful — smiley, friendly, willing and attentive, but never intrusive. The menu is displayed on a chalk board, visible from all tables, and had our mouths immediately watering.

Meanwhile, we supped some of their delectable drinks — homemade lemonade, vanilla milkshake, fresh squeezed strawberry juice, ditto, mango, all tasting exquisite. There is no menu describing these, which we thought would have been useful — as there are many options, all of them scrumptious!

Onto the food — so hard to choose from such delicious sounding meals, which even included rabbit stew with couscous — not something you find on many menus and a real treat, unless you can’t get past the idea of eating a “bunny”! There was also beef lasagne, oxtail with couscous, chicken and mushroom pot pie, spinach and ricotta ravioli, spinach feta quiche, duck ravioli, roast veg couscous, eggplant parmigiana, beef and mushroom fillet, sole fillet, absolutely something to please everyone, including the vegetarians and even vegans! Our party sampled the oxtail, the beef fillet, eggplant parmigiana, quiche, and spinach and ricotta ravioli.

Silence descended once these beautifully presented and mouth-wateringly appetising meals arrived. No wonder. We were all savouring our fabulous food and were rendered speechless on our appreciation, for a while! There were murmurs, and “wows” of enjoyment, then, a mutual “you taste mine if I can taste yours” session!

It was clean plates all round, but we took it slowly, all the better to relish the subtlety and delight of the flavours. Now thoroughly satisfied, sheer gluttony required that the irresistible puddings also be sampled. Who could possibly, filled up to the brim or not, resist, for their own sakes, the choco coffee brownie, the blueberry ricotta tart, apple and date strudel, or choco rum truffle roll — just some of what was on offer! There was even a flourless chocolate cake which would have served the gluten intolerant very well! To accompany our sweet delights, some of us opted for more of the delectable drinks — moccachino, hot chocolate, and more fresh juice — all simply divine.

Without any doubt, all that was served up in The Antique Rose, tasted just as good, and even better, than our imaginations had dreamed up when reading the blackboard.

This deluxe coffee shop is well worth leaving home for — the true test of a really great restaurant experience is when you know for sure that you could neither have dreamed up, nor whipped up, the same meal at home, and in this department, and others, especially ambience and theme, Antique Rose is “right up there”!

Deluxe Coffee Shop, 5 Plates
Expect to spend US$15 to US$25 per head
Golden Stairs Nursery Complex,
72 Sam Nujoma St Extension

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