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MBCA-Mukuru money transfer is the best

MBCA Bank is pleased to be in partnership with Mukuru.com in the provision of money transfer services to MBCA and non-MBCA clients.


This service is a relief to many Zimbabweans living in South Africa, who were finding it difficult to send money back home in a cost effective way.

The offering is a result of MBCA bank’s responsiveness to customer needs and the desire to serve the unbanked market. To collect cash remitted through Mukuru.com, one does not require an MBCA account.
MBCA Bank also realised that money was being sent from South Africa via high risk channels, thus MBCA bank partnered with Mukuru.com to provide this efficient and effective money transfer service.

The MBCA-Mukuru offering provides a cheap and secure avenue for cash remittance.

The MBCA-Mukuru.com money transfer service is the fastest way to receive cash sent from South Africa.
As soon as the sender has deposited the cash, the recipient of the funds will receive an SMS with instructions on how to collect their cash at any of the MBCA branches across the country. Branches are located in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Zvishavane.
MBCA Bank is on a growth path and is determined to continuously provide products and services that meet diverse customer needs and our desire is to exceed customer expectations.

Zimbabweans in SA welcome Mukuru.com

Zimbabweans based in South Africa are fast adopting a service that allows them to transfer money home with their mobile phones.

Mukuru.com, a service launched from the UK by former Zimbabweans, allows registered users to send money across the border by going online or using their cellphones. The service is now expanding across southern Africa.

For people who are used to queuing at a bank to transfer cash to Zimbabwe, or paying a hefty fee for a bus driver to safeguard it on a bus home, the service is proving welcome.

One such user, identified as Tsitsi, enthuses: “I have used this four times now, and it is so easy! It is cheaper than the money transfer and the bus.

“And they even send me an SMS when my family gets the money.” She says her compatriots were cautious at first, but now they are all adopting the service.

The service was first approved in South Africa in 2010 and has expanded its footprint in southern Africa.

Mukuru.com says they designed a service that suits the Zimbabwean abroad in South Africa. Any Zimbabwean can register for the service and remit funds instantly back to their loved ones, to be collected at more than 100 points across Zimbabwe.

Mukuru.com is showing steady growth and has a close relationship with their customers.

The company is rolling out services across southern Africa to bring hassle-free remittance to other diaspora groups across the region.
This philosophy shows the company’s efforts to serve its customers in Shona, and to give discounts on transfer fees the more the service is used.

“We want to build as much benefit to our customer as possible — there are a range of additional benefits coming this year too,” Mukuru.com says in a statement.

He points out that sending money is a personal thing. Some of the big brands specialising in money transfer can be seen as “faceless behemoths, that cannot afford to cater for the individual at a colloquial level,” Mukuru.com says.

Mukuru.com feels these big brands are restricted by a “one-size-fits-all” template —which needs to work globally.

“With Mukuru [a Shona word for old and respected] we are able to work at a personal level with our customers.

“The call-centre [which recruits agents who speak the local languages of their respective countries in southern Africa] is part of that philosophy, we also hire people who are passionate about how we are helping Zimbabweans abroad.”

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