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Is the Sulu-Jah Prayzah duo shaky?

Sulumani Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah have dispelled speculation that their working relationship could be sour.


The Batai Munhu duo has been holding shows together but Jah Prayzah on some occasions has been failing to perform their Sean Timba duet with Sulu.

At a family show at Hwenje’s Village on Sunday, the gangly musician left in a huff, when revellers thought he would wait to perform the song.

The duo is widely regarded the most formidable local musical combination; particularly because of the song which features on Sulu’s latest album Syllabus.

Sean Timba has become an anthem thrusting the two artists to the high levels of Zimbabwean music and it had become a tradition that after Jah Prayzah’s performance, he would wait for Sulu so they could perform the song together.

But that was not the case on Sunday as Jah Prayzah, left Hwenje’s Village in a huff leaving the packed venue in awe.

Numerous revellers kept asking whether or not the gangly musician was coming back to perform, but their expectations were in vain.
Contacted for comment Jah Prayzah dispelled the speculation and said he had a headache.

“I was not feeling well my brother. I had a terrible headache so I could not continue,” said Jah Prayzah.

Sulu concurred with Jah Prayzah saying he had been notified of the illness before the show.

“We had discussed it before the show and I knew of his situation. There is no problem between us and I can assure you we are in good books,” said Sulu.

Two months ago the same thing happened at another family show at Extra Mile Leisure Spot and Francis Dhaka, aka Franco Slomo, had to fill in for Jah Prayzah.

At the Sing Along Gig held two weeks ago, Jah Prayzah went onto the stage late as the song was about to finish.

However, Jah Prayzah maintained the bliss with Sulu had not faded.
“I try by all means possible to make sure we perform the song with Sulu even when I have a show at a different venue,” said Jah Prayzah.
“It is only in extenuating circumstances that I cannot wait to perform.”

Despite the biting cold last Sunday, fans turned out in their numbers while the artists came up with polished acts in their respective slots.

Hwenje’s Village is slowly turning into a premium family show venue with its spacious outdoor area.

Up to as late as 8pm, women with children on their backs could still be seen at the venue dancing the night away.

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