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Baba Jukwa stresses my family — Kasukuwere

YOUTH Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment minister Saviour Kasukuwere said he is being vilified by a shadowy character on Facebook due to his drive to economically empower Zimbabweans.


A shadowy character, Baba Jukwa, has been on a warpath on the social networking site, ripping through Zanu PF politicians, Kasukuwere included.

Kasukuwere is leading the indigenisation crusade which analysts say scares away foreign investors needed to revive the economy and is a trump card for Zanu PF ahead of the harmonised elections.

Speaking at the careers in politics panel discussion organised the Public Affairs section of the US Embassy on Tuesday, Kasukuwere said despite the attacks on his personality he would continue driving the process.

“I find myself in this limelight because of the portfolio I am in charge of. It naturally would attract much more than what I am going through. It is about the liberation of our people. It’s about the economic independence of our country. For as long as you believe in that cause, I am prepared to die for it,” Kasukuwere said.

Kasukuwere said he receives at least 50 telephone calls a day in which he is either insulted, or his mother is at the recieving end.

He said he was unperturbed by the insults, adding that the main concern is how to empower Zimbabweans.

Kasukuwere said the insults were also taking a toll on his children.

“They go to school, and somebody is saying, [Baba Jukwa says your father this and that]—look at the emotional stress. It’s a price we have to pay for our country,” he said.

“I go to my mum and say, ‘Mama, don’t worry; they have called me everything.’ It’s painful . . . Whatever they, say, it strengthens me. It gives me the resolve.”

Kasukuwere has been in the eye of a storm after his attempts to indigenise the banking sector were resisted by Finance minister Tendai Biti and central bank governor Gideon Gono.

The two told Kasukuwere that the sector was already indigenised and those who wanted to enter the banking sector should apply for banking licences.

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