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Sex tapes: Intimate moments or publicity ploys?

The term sex tape was rather uncommon in this part of the world until one day, a barely known Pokello Nare and famous rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme appeared in one.


A sex tape refers to a video recording of a sexual encounter.
Before Stunner and Pokello’s sex tape , the few that knew about adult material had probably only heard of them from foreign media; either in South Africa or overseas.

In the United States of America, the term is probably as common as burger and fries; it is an every day thing.

In Zimbabwe however, just a year after the Pokello-Stunner sex tape, people have had to endure yet another shocker from, this time around, a popular TV personality, Tinopona Katsande, after her sexual encounter with an ex-boyfriend was leaked to the press.

Love or loathe it; in our reserved society, sex is regarded as sacred and in an African setting having it on camera is considered extreme, if not daring!

This poses the questions why those who do it on camera set out to achieve and where do they get the guts from?

It is almost impossible to get a reasonable motive from the protagonists of the movies other than that “they were private moments”.

Well if private then why the camera?

Pokello was virtually unknown before the sex tape.
That she was and is still well off is no secret but what she lacked was the publicity.

On the contrary in Tinopona’s case, it is almost exactly the opposite.

To her rural folk in Mutoko, she is known as the daughter of a famous chief.

To television viewers she is the effervescent Joyce Huni on Studio 263.

To radio listeners she is the owner of the beautiful, commanding and eloquent voice that came from the speaker when one tuned into ZiFM Stereo.

In the social sphere she has been an MC and even bar manageress and brand ambassador.

Although Pokello has watered down speculation that she used Stunner and the sex tape for fame, it appears fame is what she has managed to earn from her romp on camera.

After her Big Brother stint; which she could have earned because of the sex tape, she is one of the most talked about women in Africa.
The same cannot be said about Tinopona who finds herself vilified from every corner.

She has reportedly been suspended from her job and since the incident is still fresh heads turn whenever she appears in public.

She will likely lose a lot of money and business because of her tape.

Compared to one of the most famous sex tapes in the world which thrust Kim Kardashian into stardom, then Pokello seems to have benefited immensely.

In a radio interview in Ghana Pokello conceded that when she went into the Big Brother house she had only 2000 followers on Twitter compared to the 54000 she now has.

In the same interview Pokello also mentions that she was head hunted by Multichoice Zimbabwe to participate in the reality game show.
She goes on to claim she ditched Stunner because she realised that Elikem was a better man.

“I found Elikem and I realised you know that Elikem was a better man (than Stunner),” she said.

When Elikem was in Zimbabwe last weekend Stunner made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Elikem apparently sparking a rift similar to that between Ray J and Kanye West.

Ray Jay is the man in Kardashian’s sex tape while Kanye West is her husband.

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