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Cheap voice calls for locals in diaspora

A United States-based voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service provider has announced that it will tomorrow be launching a voice-call service for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to call back home at a rate of US$0,2 cents per hour.


Zimfon, through the use of what is termed agnostic cloud technology, has found a way of enabling Zimbabweans in the diaspora to call home at ultra-low rates.

A major challenge faced by Zimbabweans in the diaspora is expensive voice calls when they need to talk to their friends and relatives in Zimbabwe.

Zimfon’s latest offering differs from the recharge model that is very popular in Zimbabwe.

People in the diaspora are currently being limited by the available overly expensive voice-call services.

The local spokesperson for Zimfon, who is a locally based business strategist, revealed that Zimfon’s products are driven by a deep understanding of the needs of Zimbabwe’s diaspora.

“With Zimfon’s innovative two  cents per hour voice calls, cost ceases to be a barrier to quality communication,”said the company’s spokesperson.

“Zimfon should not be viewed as a threat to the local mobile network operators as we are focussed on the diaspora market,” the spokesperson added.

Zimfon said that by mobilising Zimbabweans in South Africa, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Ireland to subscribe to their services, Zimfon Mobile is partnering with compassionate Zimbabweans in these countries in putting a smile on the Zimbabwean landscape one person at a time.

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