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Author unpacks recipe for personal development

Title:  Personal Development Toolkit
ISBN:  978-0-7974-5447-7
Pages: 141
Published by:  Greatness Clinic Trust

By our Correspondent
Have you ever thought about personal development? If your answer is in the affirmative, Arthur Marara’s recent book, Personal Development Toolkit might just be the book to grab.

So much has been said about community and nation development at so many platforms, but sight has often been lost of the fact that the starting point in the development of any nation is the development of any individual.

This is the philosophy that the author develops in his book on personal development. Many people work all their lives, and die poor, while others work for some years and end up wealthy. The secret according to the book, lies in personal development.

The striking feature of the book is the author’s emphasis of the fact that, personal growth is within everyone’s reach. This clearly dispels the misnomer that some people hold that there is a certain section of people that was destined to succeed whilst others were condemned to failure.

Marara provides cases of people who transformed their lives by refusing to be victims and choosing to be history makers.

He mixes both local and international examples. You will find case studies of women like Jane Chifamba — the first female author in Zimbabwe, Sarah Kachingwe — the first woman at the University of Rhodesia (now University of Zimbabwe), Elizabeth Magaya a woman who defied age and went back to be an “O” Level student when she was above 50 years of age, and many more case studies.

The simplicity of language in the book allows the author to connect with his readers and makes it easy to identify with the principles. The interesting part of the book is Marara’s use of the word development to share personal development principles.

He invites the reader to discover and develop themselves from a perspective of self-awareness. He also places emphasis on the importance of associations, and points out in his book that, “It is better to have no friends at all than to have a thousand friends who do not add any value to you.”

The book is laden with thought provoking quotes from the author himself and other respected writers internationally which enriches the reader.

Personal Development Toolkit has received international and local endorsement. US Former Ambassador Charles Ray, Stem Mahlatini, Tafadzwa Makoni, Milton Kamwendo, Patson Dzamara, Vukani Dhladhla and Rabison Shumba are among some of the people who have endorsed the book. It was forworded by Nigel Chanakira.

Marara who was paternally orphaned at 13 is not new to motivation.
He is an attorney and a renowned motivational speaker, and has authored five A’ Level Divinity and History study guides and a motivational book for all high school students which have been approved and recommended by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for use in schools in Zimbabwe. In 2013, he was ranked number 36 out 100 most influential persons under the age of 40 in Zimbabwe.

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