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When John Chibwe came to Harare

THERE was drama in Harare’s Mt Pleasant suburb last week when hundreds of people attended a DiVineyard church service led by John Chibwe.



Chibwe, who comes from Chiredzi, performs many wonders which include deliverance from evil spirits and healing the sick.

Standardcommunity visited the Mt Pleasant home where he was conducting church services. Several people collapsed in convulsions while others fell into trances, speaking in tongues as Chibwe prayed for them.


Despite the blazing sun, people continued to stream into the yard which was already teeming with worshippers.

Some of those who encountered him confessed to all sorts of eye-popping vices, including witchcraft and prostitution, during the sessions.


However, most of the congregants, apparently used to these kinds of confessions, appeared unmoved by the sordid revelations of the dark secrets by their church-mates.

Many had empty containers which they would fill up with anointing water from a tank at the premises to take back home.


There is a new craze among Christians of using anointing oil or water as “weapons” to fight the supernatural, to heal the sick and to cast out “demons”.

One young woman said she had made a decision to become a permanent member of Chibwe’s church after she had been rid of a “spiritual husband”.

“I was tormented for years and then a friend invited me here and I got prayed for.

“Now I’m free and before year-end I will be married,” she said confidently.


The congregants, mostly women, stood patiently in the prayer line waiting their turn to have Chibwe lay his hands on them.

Hundreds of cars were parked outside, lining up both sides of the street, stretching over a kilometre.


Some of the worshippers were said to have travelled from as far as Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and other southern African countries.
One of the church elders said the service started at around 9am and would normally finish around 6pm.


“We start with praise and worship songs, preaching the word and sharing testimonies. After this, comes deliverance time up until the last person has been served,” the elder said.


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