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Mutasa raps civil servants over Zim Asset

Rusape — Presidential Affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, has accused civil servants of sabotaging the new government blueprint, Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset).


Speaking on the sidelines of a Zim Asset workshop for civil servants, business community and Zanu-PF officials last week, Mutasa said many civil servants were discrediting the Zanu PF government.

“Whether you like it or not, Zim Asset is a product of Zanu PF. It was in our last year’s manifesto. Zanu PF is the ruling party and we determine the direction the government should take,” he said.

“We have also noted that some civil servants are sabotaging Zim Asset through non-performance. We know that there are sell-outs within the civil service who want Zanu PF to be nailed. As a party, we will not tolerate a situation where our programmes fail because of public servants. We do not want public servants to take us back.”

Mutasa said government needed to tighten screws and closely supervise public service officials. He said it should be made a requirement that they undergo annual performance reviews to ensure they deliver.

“Some civil servants are at critical points but they are the ones that are non-performers. We will put measures to ensure that Zimbabweans have a quality public service,” he said.

Mutasa revealed that he has a huge farm but failed to grow anything for winter.

“I wanted to grow winter wheat, but I could not because of the challenge of electricity supply. You approach those responsible and they tell you to go back promising to sort that out. I go to Harare for work and discover that nothing was done,” he said.

“You approach that person’s minister, who then gets in touch with that person, and get the same assurance, but in the end still nothing is done. They are very casual about such situations because they do not benefit anything out of it. That is bad. It’s wrong. This is sabotage. Every public servant should work and work well, more-so if we want the Zim Asset to succeed.”

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