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Makandiwa should stick to church matters

The reason why I have come to doubt the Roman Catholic Church (the church I was raised in), is its involvement in the running of nations.

In the US, the Vatican has had a tremendous influence on White House policy with respect to foreign affairs and such issues as abortion and birth control.
It is the same way that I am starting to doubt more and more that Emmanuel Makandiwa is really a prophet.

To me, Makandiwa’s latest “prophecy” of the bees and the supposed bloodshed, sounded more staged than real. It would seem Makandiwa has shifted his focus on his work as prophet (seeing as there is now stiff competition), to being involved in politics.

It did not need a rocket scientist to tell how very convenient for Zanu PF the timing of that bees so-called prophecy was. It came just as everyone was talking about the need to join hands in mass demonstrations meant to push the government to wake up from its deep slumber and save the collapsing economy.
And did you see the amount of airplay that “prophecy” received on ZTV?

Everyone knows how Zanu PF handles any threat to its endless rule — they strike fear in the hearts of Zimbabweans so that in the end the general population is unable to utter a word in opposition.

Pity on Makandiwa’s followers who hang on his every word, without any questions asked. To them, Makandiwa is a man of God and everything that comes out of his mouth is holy. Sadly, Makandiwa’s prophecies are now being manipulated by Zanu PF. He is now serving at the pleasure of the ruling party, aiding people’s exploitation by an uncaring government.

LG Matamba

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