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‘God spoke through Makandiwa’

I would like to share some views about the role of a prophet, in response to a letter titled Makandiwa should stick to church matters (The Standard October 5-11 2014). I am sure the writer of the letter cannot give us the job description of a prophet.

Prince Moyo

The office of the prophet is bigger than the office of a politician because a prophet is not voted into power.

This is not the time to say leave politics to politicians because our everyday lives are governed by politicians and the decisions they make affect everyone, politicians or not.

When you read your Bible, you will notice prophets had a strong bearing in the running of the affairs of their countries. In fact, Israel was ruled by prophets up to the time they cried that they wanted a king [1 Samuel 8 vs 6].

The Israelites cried out to the Samuel, a prophet, to give them a king. He anointed Saul.

The same prophet anointed David to be the King after Saul had displeased the Lord. Remember the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. When Samaria was under siege from Ben-Hadad and the people started eating their own children the king vowed that he was going to behead the Prophet Elisha.

Why? The politician realised that without a prophetic word Samaria was going to continue suffering.

In Zimbabwe God has spoken through his servant Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa. He gave you [the prophecy on bloodshed], what he had been given by the Lord. It is up to the people of this country to take heed or to go ahead with the “peaceful demos”.

The writer seems to be disappointed that the prophecy was not in line with what he had in mind. If Makandiwa had said “go ahead and demonstrate against the uncaring government”, would he have been accused of meddling in politics?

Makandiwa is just a forerunner with the message of what will happen when people engage in mass action. Whether Zanu PF tries to take advantage of the prophecy or whether the opposition tries to take advantage of the prophecy too is immaterial. The prophet said the seed was right but the timing was not right.

David waited for God’s time to take over from Saul even though he had Saul at his mercy many times. Zimbabweans, why should we die? We have waited for a long time and l believe we can wait a little longer.

Some of these people now agitating for mass action were part of the government in the not too distant past, but what did they do?

The writer also had the temerity to say the prophecy was stage-managed. What for? Can you put a price tag to the prophet? How much will you buy him for? What is it that Makandiwa lacks in life?

What is bad about warning people on the results of mass action? The man of God said on June 17 the event seemed like it could not be pushed back. It was supposed to happen in September but when he spoke again in September the thing had been pushed forward. The prophet saw a disaster and through prayer it was averted.

Zimbabwe has two things that the devil does not like; our culture and the peace that is prevailing. They prophesied doom for us but here we are, still a peaceful country which has preserved its marriage values and they hate us for this.

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