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I am still in charge: Mliswa

Temba Mliswa says he is still the Chairman of the Zanu PF Mashonaland West province.


Mliswa told The Standard yesterday the petition of a vote of no confidence purportedly signed by the provincial executive committee was not authentic.

Party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo also dismissed Mliswa’s ouster, arguing that the politburo had not reversed its decision on a moratorium on the suspension of party leaders until after the Zanu PF’s December congress.

Mashonaland West provincial secretary for administration Kindness Paradza was also targeted in the vote of no confidence.

“When you are in my position, you definitely make a lot of enemies. It’s no secret that a lot of politburo members don’t like me, I guess I will never be forgiven for calling [name withheld] and crew gay gangsters,” he said.

“We cannot have a situation where some members who don’t like me abuse the politburo to give themselves leverage over me, the party has a constitution.”

Mliswa’s remarks come in the wake of the deep factional fights that have rocked Zanu PF ahead of the December elective congress.

“What is the use of a petition? It is only there to address issues of concern and not to remove someone from office, it shows just how naïve they are,” he said.

“There are quite a number of party members in the province who said they did not sign the petition, how authentic then is the paper?”

Mliswa said it was incumbent upon Zanu PF members to respect people who would have been elected.

“It’s like a church with a priest who passes the word; congregants must also be willing to repent. How do you prove that I belong to the Mujuru faction? Is she the Vice President of a faction or the nation?” asked Mliswa.

“She was elected at congress, we have to go with what the people say. [Emmerson] Mnangagwa is my cousin. Who wouldn’t want their cousin to be in the top echelons of power, but the will of the people will prevail and be respected.”

Mliswa said all the accusations and counter accusations were all about congress.

“When it’s done, it’s back to business. Some of us are already working. I can’t sacrifice my relationship with my uncle [Didymus Mutasa] over politics, I would be more than happy to forego my position to maintain my relationship with my uncle,” he said.
“The key message to fellow politicians is don’t grab positions, because politically that creates tension with people who voted for that person.”

Mliswa said some Zanu PF leaders beaten at elections have tried to provoke him but he maintained his cool.

He threw his weight behind First Lady Grace Mugabe as the new leader of the Women’s league describing her as a vibrant, hardworking and honest person. Mliswa said he was not worried about the way the state media potrayed him.

“There is nothing like bad publicity, publicity is publicity. As long as you get my name right,” he said with regard to media reports about him.

“They can now write about the dogs and cats that I have,” he said.

Meanwhile, Paradza said the meeting that purported to topple him was unsanctioned and unconstitutional.

Paradza on Friday said the resolutions made thereupon were null and void.

He said Article 12:97 and 12:97 (1) of the Zanu PF constitution stated that Provincial Executive Committee meetings were to be called for and presided over by the provincial chairman as the head of the political and administration department for the province. Alternatively, a meeting could be called for by request through the office of the secretary for administration to allow for fair notice, consultation and procedure.

Furthermore, Paradza said all correspondence came through his office but unfortunately he learnt of the no confidence vote through the media.

Paradza said the “ghost” petition was wrought with deception and open to doubt as it comprised a list of largely fraudulent signatures.

“What boggles the mind is the false statements being disseminated concerning this fraudulent grouping. The only attempts at this unconstitutional convention were made in Banket and Chinhoyi,” he said.

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