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Zifa trio faces dismissal

THREE Zifa board members face expulsion at Saturday’s assembly extraordinary general meeting.


The meeting will be held at Zifa Village in Mt Hampden, a day after the board would have met.

According to sources at Zifa, a plot to show vice-president Omega Sibanda, Women’s football boss Miriam Sibanda and board member responsible for finance Bernard Gwarada the exit door has thickened.

The trio is set to succumb to a motion by the all-powerful Zifa assembly to fire them from the board.

The three are perceived to be enemies of Zifa president Cuthbert Dube and his chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze.

A motion to kick them out of the board is likely to be raised on the fifth item of the meeting’s schedule, which is “to confirm or amend the agenda”.

A board member or councillors, according to sources, will raise and second incompetence allegations on the three.

A two thirds assembly majority backing their ouster will see them booted out of the board.

Gwarada is said to have not been given the chance to work on Zifa finances as Mashingaidze is alleged to be thwarting his access to the association’s books.

Vice-president Sibanda has also been sidelined from key business, thereby projecting him as incompetent while Mashingaidze is on record as saying women’s football matters are “petty,” resulting in clashes with Miriam.

Article 36 states that, “The congress [assembly] may dismiss a person or body.

The executive committee [board] may place the dismissal of a person or body on the agenda for the congress.

Any executive committee member may submit a proposal to place such a motion for dismissal on the agenda of the executive committee or congress. The motion for dismissal must be justified.

“The person or body in question has the right to speak in his or its own defence. If the motion for dismissal is upheld, the congress or executive committee shall reach a decision by means of secret ballot. For the motion to be passed, a majority of two-thirds of the valid votes cast is required. The person or body dismissed [provisionally]must be relieved of his or its functions with immediate effect.”

The embattled trio’s day could be saved by them contesting the eligibility of the extraordinary general meeting through citing item three on the agenda which is “declaration that the Zifa assembly’s extra-ordinary meeting has been convened and composed in compliance with the statutes of Zifa.”

Only 12 days’ notice of the extraordinary meeting was served, which is against the constitution, rendering the gathering a breach of Zifa statutes.

Section 3 of Article 28 of the constitution stipulates that, “The members shall be notified of the place, date and agenda at least 40 days before the date of an extraordinary congress.”

Sources said the agenda was only served last Tuesday.

“There was no notice for this meeting. It was only the agenda that was sent last week. Those wanting the meeting to proceed would however argue that an extraordinary meeting was supposed to have taken place in November.

#But the agenda of that failed meeting is totally different from this upcoming one. This is a completely new gathering altogether,” said the sources.

If the trio is fired, it is likely to draw retribution from the government which has of late been critical of the way football is being run in the country.

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