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I have soft spot for prostitutes: Magaya

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance PHD) ministries leader, Walter Magaya, has revealed that he dishes out money to sex workers and runs projects for them.


Magaya told journalists during his Ladies All Night Prayer on Friday night that on a daily basis he assisted hundreds of sex workers with various projects.

“I give prostitutes money here on a daily basis to assist them get out of that thing. As a church we run projects for them so that they change their lives,” he said.

The all-night prayer, which sought to tackle anti-marriage spirits and deliver women from demons that affect their marital lives, attracted thousands of women who filled the church’s premises in Waterfalls.

Magaya said his church was the “turning point” for ladies of the night who ended up meeting with their salvation.

But his stance has resulted in him being linked to various women, which has attracted negative attention for the youthful prophet.

Magaya told journalists that his church had also helped gays and lesbians transform their lives, describing homosexuality as a “spirit which was anti-God”.

“As a church we are fortunate to be operating in a country where we have a President who has a stance against gays and lesbians. But as a church, we have helped quite a number of gays who manifest here,” he said.

“I personally view it as a spirit that needs to be addressed and it’s anti- God. I know that in other countries such as South Africa, it is allowed, but we are going there to deal with it on May 30-31. I will show that this is a spirit which needs God’s intervention.”

President Robert Mugabe has repeatedly described gays and lesbians as worse than dogs and pigs.

Magaya’s all-night prayer was broadcast live on the national television, the church’s Yadah TV and also attracted coverage from South Africa.

Gospel diva, Fungisai Zvaka-vapano Mashavave and Amai Olivia Charamba thrilled the all night prayer with breath-taking performances which drove the women into the spiritual world.

Mashavave belted out her all-time hits such as Zvikomberero which had the fully packed blue shed church and it’s overflow singing along. Amai Charamba, one of the country’s top female musicians, put up a top-notch performance which included her hit songs such as Daily Bread and Mafuta among others.

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