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Magaya urges Zimbabweans to be patient with Zanu PF

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries (PHD) leader, Walter Magaya has urged Zimbabweans to be patient with the crumbling economy, saying it was about to rise again and start ticking once more.

By Xolisani Ncube/Jairos Saunyama

Speaking to journalists during his men’s all-night prayer at his Waterfalls church, Magaya, who during the start of the year “prophesied” economic recovery, said patience was now required for the long-suffering Zimbabweans to start enjoying a better life.

“It does not happen overnight. I know that people are unemployed and the economy is not performing well, but what is needed is patience. We have to wait on the Lord. He is the one with the answer,” he said.

Magaya said with the Zanu PF internal political fights now seemingly over, government’s effort should be directed at creating jobs and improving the economy.

“Last year, yes they were trying to put their house in order. I am talking about the ruling Zanu PF. I think they will now concentrate on the economy. We are going to enjoy relative peace and this should help us attract investors to Zimbabwe. I see the rise of Zimbabwe from there. But we need unity and patience as a nation,” he said.

Since Zanu PF won the 2013 election, the economy has been on a free fall with many companies closing down, while thousands of people resorted to street vending to survive.

Magaya, who organised the Men’s All Night Prayer to “create a powerful man”, said the road to the “promised land will be bumpy and needs endurance”.

“This is not going to be an overnight thing. All we need as a country is to remain united and peaceful so that we can achieve what we want,” he said.

Sungura music maestro Alick Macheso and gospel star, Mathias Mhere provided entertainment.

Magaya, who is currently enjoying growth of his church, said he invited Macheso to perform at his church so that he could lure more men to the church.

“We used Macheso as a worm to catch a fish. We know that men would go to bars to listen to Macheso so we decided to invite him and lure his followers here. We then preach to them,” he said.

Turning to his popularity which is rising compared to other prophets, Magaya said he was not yet stable as he had a number of temptations to overcome before he could enjoy the fruits of being revered as a Man of God.

“Time will tell as to whether I am there or not. People judge by time and that’s how it shall be known whether I have stabilised or not. As a ministry, we feel we have a long way to go. There are challenges ahead and a number of temptations that I will have to overcome before I can say I am there. But all this will be determined by time,” he said.

Asked how people could determine a true prophet from a fake one, he said “you must test these spirits and time and again we do that”.

He said he has remained standing and able to grow his church due to constant prayers by his spiritual father, TB Joshua.
“It’s not easy to be where we are today. I get the backing from my father [TB Joshua] who does a lot of prayers for me.”

Meanwhile, Magaya has cancelled his South African crusade that was set to be held at the end of the month due to xenophobic attacks.

The prophet was billed to hold two services in Johannesburg and Pretoria on May 29.

“It is an evil spirit [xenophobia] that has gripped us Africans. It is not pleasing at all, but some thieves took advantage of that to loot and steal from foreigners. Some thugs are overzealous and this has affected the Sadc region. This has really disturbed trade in southern Africa. We pray that South Africa will sort out the issue and let peace prevail,” said Magaya.

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