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Portipher Mopo steps into his father’s shoes

Ever since Mike Mopo decided to dump the guitar for business, his fans had been left thirsty and poorer. Mopo’s genre was unique in every way and to find someone to fill the big shoes he left was going to be an uphill task.

By Problem Masau

The only person who could fill the void he left was his son, Portipher who has the same DNA.


Mopo carved his name in Zimbabwe’s immortal music hall of fame in the 1990s when he released the song, Nhererera Ndimambo and Riye Riye.

The songs in traditional jiti genre reverberated at different growth points during that era, and still sound good to this age.

However, when his music career was bubbling so was also his business empire. He had to make a choice and because music does not pay much, Mike chose business.

He is now one of the directors of Exor Petroleum, a local fuel company.

People have been asking where the legendary composer and vocalist is.

The good thing is that his son, Portipher has reincarnated the old days by deciding to fill in the void left by his father with precision and golly.

Portipher, a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe employee sings like his father and his first album is powerful enough to thrill the legions of Zinawa fans.

In an interview Portipher said he decided to revive his father’s reputation after realising the Nherera Ndimando hitmaker had become too busy to continue with music.

“Like any other son of a legend, its my obligation to carry on with the legacy left by my father and I am happy to have taken this decision while he is still alive for he will spare little of his time to nurture me,” he said.

“After Zinawa had taken a seven-year sabbatical, I took over the band in November and now my first album has hit the market and I believe it will go an extra mile in the music industry.

“I started doing music in 2003 when I joined my father as a backing vocalist and I featured on his six-track album known as Mbira Dzakondo.

“After 2005, I started learning the rhythm guitar and I am now playing it very well.”

The first song on Portipher’s latest album is titled, Runyararo, where the musician encourages political stability in the country.
Another hit, Emerina, tells the story of man who is pleading with his girlfriend to consider his love.

Mopo is undoubtedly one of the best and talented musicians in the country and his absence from the musical scene left many wondering about his whereabouts.

He is well-known as a wordsmith with songs like Nherera Ndimambo, Chido, Huya Titambe and Tozvireva Kunani being people’s favourites.

Now it’s time for his son Portipher to carry on with the Zinawa legacy.

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