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All set for Extreme Fitness competition

All is set for the inaugural Extreme Fitness competition to be held next Saturday in Harare, which will see males and females teaming up with the aim of winning the gruelling contest.

By Our Staff

The Extreme Fitness competition — which is being held by Eve’s Fitness Studio — will precede the all women’s competition to be held the following day. Both competitions will be held at ZB Sports Club in Vainona.

Eve’s Fitness Studio manager, Evonne Mudzingwa told The Standard Style that the Extreme Fitness competition, that includes male competitors, will be held annually but could become a more regular event depending on the response.

“I had been asked many times why I involved only women in the fitness competitions, which is a fair question, so I decided to try adding male participants and see the response,” Mudzingwa said, “I have committed unisex battles to April only for now pending the outcome of this first competition. Having men in all the three battles is still negotiable.”

The fitness competitions are held three times a year, in April, August and November.

The competition taking place on Saturday, which begins at 5am at ZB Sports Club, will include a gruelling 17km run and 100m relay sprints. Fourteen teams will compete in the inaugural contest, with guest teams from Zimbabwe Cricket and Zimbabwe Rugby Sevens team, the Cheetahs.

“The Extreme Fitness battle is just that, extreme. The runs are tougher and longer, the obstacles heavier and more challenging, this is not child’s play. The intensity and competitiveness is high,” said Mudzingwa.

The ladies’ battle to be held on Sunday will involve eight teams and begins at ZB Sports Club at 5:30am. The competition will include a 5km run and 100m relays.

Mudzingwa said there had been a mixed response from the female competitors to the inaugural unisex battle on Saturday.

“The inclusion of men has raised mixed emotions from the ladies. Some ladies are delighted to have some testosterone to spice things up and to push the intensity levels a notch, while others prefer to keep it a ladies-only affair,” Mudzingwa said.

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