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All set for Jah Prayzah album launch

In the midst of dire cash shortages in the country, organisers of the much-anticipated Jah Prayzah album launch say the challenges will not inconvenience fans as they have put in place multiple electronic cash transfer systems.

˜By Kennedy Nyavaya

Although the Eriza singer is generally a huge draw card, the deteriorating numbers in merrymakers has left many counting their losses in the showbiz scene, including respected musicians and promoters.

Benjamin Nyandoro, one of the promoters and director of Jive Zimbabwe — a local company that supports arts and culture — told The Standard Style that all was in place for the use of plastic money for the Jah Prayzah album launch.

“We are alive to the cash shortages and we have put in place facilities to accept all forms of money, card swipe, mobile money transfers and bank transfers, especially for those buying tables,” he said.

In a bid to circumvent rampant selling of fake tickets for high-profile gigs, Nyandoro said they will start selling tickets for the album launch on Wednesday.

“We made a very considered decision to hold tickets till Wednesday, the day that Jah Prayzah will land from the United States and Canada tours,” he said, while adding that they have been getting a lot of requests for tickets.

“We are overwhelmed on tickets, we are taking details of those who need tickets and we will contact them from Wednesday for advance ticket sales.”

Nyandoro said Jah Prayzah’s globetrotting would not affect his performance on the “big” day.

“The tour is also a great opportunity to focus on rehearsals,” he said.

“During the day and in between gigs, he is working flat out and further coordinating with the rest of the band members who stayed behind in Zimbabwe.”

As news of his new album, Mudhara Vachauya gradually inundates local social spaces, Jah Prayzah has set the bar high once more as he has done in the launch of his two previous albums.

Musoja (his other moniker), aims to fill up Harare International Conference Centre again at the album launch, as well as the subsequent road trip to Bulawayo where he will perform at the Large City Hall the next day.

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