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It’s a bright new dawn for Mangwenya

Diversified songstress Diana Samukange, better known as “Mangwenya” in music circles, will soon release an album titled Kwayedza, which she says gives “my fans a clear picture of what is happening behind the scenes in my life”.

BY Nicola Gibson

Diana “Mangwenya” Samukange
Diana “Mangwenya” Samukange

The album, which is her fourth project since leaving the group 2BG, will be released in Zimbabwe after the album launch in the United Kingdom.

The singer who rose to fame as an urban grooves artist, but has diversified to Afro-jazz, is currently in the UK where she is also undergoing vocal training programmes. The tour, dubbed Unleashing Mangwenya, will also see the diva launching her new album in the UK before she releases it in Zimbabwe.

“I have a new project which is almost ready for release and plans are to launch the album here in the United Kingdom before I come back home,” Mangwenya told The Standard Style from the UK.

She said the new project which was inspired by her journey in her music career would make a mark on the entertainment scene as she had taken time to work on it.

“This is my fourth offering as a solo artist and it is mainly inspired by my journey in music, especially the challenges I faced. In short, I can say it’s an album about hope and faith,” she said.

“The title track Kwayedza means dawn. The dawn, as in light and openings for me in my life as I have been doing my things behind the scenes. So it’s basically my revelation.”

She said the message in her album was about telling people what has been going on in her life, highlighting the highs and lows of her life as a musician in Zimbabwe.

“It’s only when people have a clear picture on what had been going on and how I got to where I am today that they will get to understand, appreciate and value Mangwenya,” she said.

Mangwenya, who rose to fame with the famous urban grooves group 2BG, said she was excited to launch her album in the UK, saying it was one of the greatest moments in her music life.

“It’s probably one of those few moments when musicians from Zimbabwe have such opportunities to launch albums in Europe. For me, it’s a huge step,” she said.

“The tours are helpful and good for me as a musician because I get to explore different and broader avenues when it comes to my music. I have the opportunity to visit many places and record in different studios.”
Last week the sensational singer shared the stage with South African singer Zahara in Slough, a city in the United Kingdom.

“I had an opportunity to meet quite a number of international musicians and we exchanged cultures. I performed with South Africans Zahara and DJ Sbu at a festival called Mofaya Festival in Slough,” she said.

Famed for the song Magumo Erudo, Mangwenya said she was looking forward to making herself a brand in Europe.

“Brand recognition has already begun in Europe and I’m sure there is potential to have a bigger fan base comprising people from different races and cultures,” she said.

The Afro-jazz singer said her music was inspired by the late Chiwoniso Maraire, whom she described as her role model.

“I used to look up to the avenue Sisi Chiwoniso took up to international stardom. It gave me strength, confidence and faith that it was possible. I’m just a girl who grew up in Kuwadzana but grace made me reach this point,”she said.

The diva said she was looking forward to reuniting with her old “buddies” on a forthcoming project.

“I always look forward to having more tracks with the boys from 2BG. I am still Diana from 2BG; whenever we want to do something as 2BG, I am always around,” she said.

However, she revealed that going solo had opened opportunities for her in an industry that was dominated by men.

“Going solo was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am proud of myself because when it seemed difficult and impossible for a female artist to break out from a famous group, I did and it paid off,” she said.

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