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Chihora releases DVD album

Gweru gospel musician Tinomutenda “The Adjudicator” Chihora has released an eight-track DVD album titled The Holy WiFi which carries songs from his previous projects.

By Moses Mugugunyeki

Tinomutenda Chihora
Tinomutenda Chihora

The DVD was inspired by strong lyrics as well as the artistic prowess of producer Blessing Gotora who added his flair of touch, especially on the song Mwari Vachadzoka. The piece of work deserves an ear and will be good for family enjoyment since it contains songs that are suitable for the family.

“I took my time to come up with this DVD. My challenge was funding since I did not have a sponsor to finance the project,” said Chihora.

“I wish our fans could help us by buying the original copies so as to help us realise the fruits of our hard work.
Compiling a DVD like this one is expensive and time-consuming and if an artist does not benefit from it, doing another project may be doubtful.”

Chihora said the album will be distributed by Metro Studios and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe.

“I think it is important if the churches help us solve the problem of piracy, if they help with the distribution of gospel music. I cannot see why Christians should buy music produced by their fellow brothers and sisters from the streets when it can be distributed through the church structures. This can be a way of preventing the bad practice done by Christians in the eyes of the Lord since piracy is like stealing,” he said.

The Cecil John Rhodes Primary School music teacher dug back into his artistry of yesteryear and did a video for a song called Ndouyako Goriati, which is from his previous album Ndouyako. On the song, the artist assumed the role of a story teller and included puppets in the video to make it appeal to children. The song vividly recites the story of David and Goliath in a way that will inspire all those who are looked down upon.

“This song marked my entry into the music arena, an area where I was not known. I am prepared to take the bull by its horns as I join the star-studded music industry. I believe this album is a block buster, which will make me a household name. I thank all those who have always stood by me who include my immediate family. Special thanks also go to people who participated in the shooting of the videos. Their support has taken me this far,” he said.

Chihora trained as a teacher at Nyadire Teachers College in Mutoko before he obtained a Diploma in Music from the Midlands Academy of Music. He also holds a Music and Musicology degree from the Midlands State University.

He has carved a niche for himself in the music industry in the country, earning him prominence in music adjudication. He has worked with various churches and organisations that deal with music which include Methodist, Anglican, Reformed Church in Zimbabwe, Music Cross Roads Zimbabwe, Chibuku Road to Fame and Zimbabwe Traditional Dancers Association.

Chihora can play and teach marimba, mbira, piano, recorder and choir. He also teaches music theory at primary level.

“Music is important to everyone’s lives and it is so important for children. It teaches feelings and emotions as well as how to be human. To children, music is a vehicle to express themselves, like language, he said.

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