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Koriya aims high, set for collaborations

LOCAL pop sensation Ryan Koriya will tomorrow release a collection of hit songs which he believes will reduce tension over the mounting terrorist attacks around the world.


Ryan Koriya
Ryan Koriya

Koriya, popularly known as Soul Mechanic on the showbiz scene, self-produced the seven track EP project that will be available for sale on digital media sites including iTunes, Amazon, Deezer and Spotify.

The collection that was initially launched five years ago under a different title revolves around themes of hope, emotion and triumph.

Some of the songs on the EP album are Exsouliation, Ballrooms in the Sky, Dark Days, London’s Burning, Bruised Fingertips, Lonely Dancer and the title track Mirrors Don’t Work in the Dark.

The globetrotting musician who is currently in Denmark told The Standard Style that the launch of the project could possibly win him a new audience.

 “After the turbulent times I decided to prescribe the EP to help people heal in a meditative way,” Koriya said.

“The healing aspect of my music is not just in the songs, but also in the tone of the voice and the vibrations that my music produces.”

Having performed across the world, Koriya still feels he has a mandate to tell the real African story through music.

“I have been interacting with various people both from Zimbabwe and Africa on my tours, getting their views on what they think being African means, unlike letting the world tell us what Africa is,” he said.

The musician, who has continued to carve his niche exceptionally by performing at international festivals and concerts around the globe is confident that this year will mark yet another tide in his escalating career.

“This year I am planning to go commercial, releasing more music, an acoustic project and hopefully do some collaborations.

“I will also be releasing more videos and making my documentary, which will also be tied to my African Astronauts project,” Koriya said. 

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