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Mzoe7 speaks on Sandra collabo

Bulawayo artist, Mzobanzi Mlauzi aka Mzoe7 has achieved a lot and continues to impress on the Zimbabwean music landscape.

Mzoe 7
Mzoe 7

Mzoe 7, the last born in a family of seven children, hence the moniker Mzoe 7.

His hit-song Kwasa-Kwasa dominated the national airwaves, setting tongues wagging on the local music scene about a seemingly music upstart seen dominating the industry in the not-so-distant future and at a tender age.

The 26-year-old recently released a song titled Ingoma alongside Sandra Ndebele which is proving to be hit in the country.

The Standard Style reporter Sharon Sibindi (SS) caught up with Mzoe7 (MM), who spoke about his music experiences, including his recent countrywide tours with Ndebele while promoting the song Ingoma. Below are excerpts of the interview.

SS: Looking at the tours you have done so far with Sandra Ndebele, what have you learnt in your interaction with her?

MM: Sandra is a hardworking and determined lady. She is bold and loves her art and I learnt a lot from her and one thing I learnt is patience, goodwill and to be humble.

SS: Did the music tours benefit you? And what have you learnt in life and in your music career?

MM: They did because from these tours, I met a lot of people both in the music business and other sectors. I got connected to a new fan base. I learnt not to relax, but work extra hard and to be smart.

SS: What are you preparing to offer?

MM: I have a couple of singles lined up and by end of July, they will start dropping. So watch out for Mr Gagagugu.

SS: Any shows coming up soon?

MM: Yes, there are many. I will perform in Bulawayo this weekend and next Saturday [July 8] there will be a winter carnival in Victoria Falls where I will perform.

SS: Who is sponsoring you and how many albums are under your belt?

MM: Basically, l have been doing everything myself and I have been my own backup. However, I am looking forward to get sponsors and partners. I have no album, but two EPs that got me considered for the Zimbabwe Music Awards and the Zim Hip-hop Awards.

SS: Do you have any plans to do more collaborations or solo projects in future?

MM: I’m looking forward to do collaborations with Asaph, Skaiva and Soul Jah Love. I would also want to work with Takura and Winky D whom I believe is the biggest threat when it comes to live performances. I have admired Winky D’s work since my childhood. In July, I will be the official ambassador of Maita Media and new videos are coming soon. Watch out for Mzoe7 cups, hoodies and merchandise which is now available at Maita media.

SS: Is it easy to start music? How is your family taking it?

MM: It’s not easy, especially when you have the “old-school” kind of parents like mine. They know I’m bright and wished I do an office job, but at some point, they got to understand music and it is also an industry which employs professionals from designers, managers, engineers to marketers.

SS: Your love life? Besides you in the studio, who has stolen your heart? And how do you juggle the two, music and relationship?

MM: I have this beautiful lady who makes me weak in the knees. I so deeply love and wish to marry her. She understands, but at times I feel robbed of our time. I feel I have not done enough for her as in most cases I am busy in the studio and having shows. If you watch Kwesta’s video Ng’yazfela, you will understand what she is going through. But I love her so much.

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