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Guluva 7 breaks barriers

Bulawayo-based hip-hop artist, Nkanyiso Moyo aka Guluva 7 (pictured), has achieved a lot and continues to impress on the Zimbabwean music landscape. His attachment to people has led him to create a vision to be a celebrated music icon who touches people’s hearts on and off the stage. Strong-willed and focused, he is breaking barriers and still strives for more. Guluva 7 (27) won the Best Newcomer gong at Zim Hip-hop Awards in 2015. Our reporter Sharon Sibindi (SS) caught up with Nkanyiso (NM), who spoke about his adventures and experiences in the arts industry. He said he was preparing something good for his fans as good music takes time to make and remains timeless. Below are excerpts of the interview.

the style interview by Sharon Sibindi

Guluva 7
Guluva 7

SS: You have been so quiet in the music industry, what is happening?

NM: I have been around. I haven’t released an album yet, because the album Colour of Dreams has been doing exceptionally well. I want to have 50 plus albums out like the legendary Tuku [Oliver Mtukudzi], but I still lack that experience and maturity. I’m still young and have a long way to go in this industry. I have been studying how people react to my music. I have one album out, but the Guluva 7 (G7) buzz has made an impact close to those who have dropped album after album every week. That’s the game of music, study and keep people wanting and appreciating your music.

SS: You got an award in 2015. Does it mean that you can relax because you have “made it”?

NM: Getting an award is a simple recognition that you are doing well and people appreciate your work. It’s never about you the artist but rather your music and the people who support it. I would trade my awards for a million dollars any day without blinking. In my own world, I think no one has “made it” this far. Even if you win a hundred awards but ubhodla indlala and your hustle still doesn’t put proper food on the table for the family, then you haven’t really “made it”. We don’t relax we are still looking for the money and as long as it is not there we haven’t made it.

SS: What are your projects this year?

NM: I have a lot on my plate. I’m in the studio cooking some good music. That is all I am concentrating on at the moment. Before year end, the G7 buzz will be back.

SS: Some artists fail to make it due too poor management. Who is managing you?

NM: I recently brought in a team to push the brand Guluva Se7en. The Kasien Republic [my stable] family is slowly growing with young budding and energetic talent in the artistic and management field. I’m working with a guy called Keith “Kiki” Moyo and so far, we are having a great working relationship that will see us grow and break regional spaces.

SS: What are you preparing for your followers?

NM : The Standard Style is the first to know that an album is coming out in September. It’s been a long time since we dropped anything. We have been in the studio working our behinds off. Good music takes time to make and remains timeless. That is what I aim for with everything that I touch. So, my followers should gear up for September because it is Guluva Se7en’s month.

SS: Any shows coming up and any new collaboration?

NM: I just did a track with R Peels and MC Chita titled Saka Chii?. I was recently approached by a big festival and we are still in talks on performances and all that. So, we will announce it once we are certain and contracts have been drafted.

SS: What have you learnt so far, in the music industry and has benefited you?

NM: In this industry, I have learnt a lot since I came in. It is sad that it is a dog eats dog situation and we are all fighting for the little scraps that are there. There are people who will try to use you, chew you up and spit you out once they think you are done. The entertainment industry is like that and you have to have your guard up all the time.

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