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Former Star Kidz presenter now into hip-hop

IN 2003 Zimbabwe’s small screen was introduced a formidable presenter couple in the name of Tinevimbo Chimbetete and Makanaka Wakatama.

By Sindiso Dube

Tulk Munny
Tulk Munny

The two youngsters who had just completed their primary school education, charmed everyone, making the Star Kidz show beamed on ZTV on Sunday mornings a must-not-miss show.

The duo’s command of the queen’s language won hearts of many, if not everyone and it has been hard for ZTV to replace the formidable team — you cannot talk of television and leave out their names.

When the Star Kidz presenters’ boat was smooth-sailing and when Zimbabweans were convinced that they had found the winning formula, child celebrities who will grow up into big television presenters, alas a ferocious storm struck the lake, with waves breaking into the boat and the hard work, which was put in and the future was doomed.

In 2006, Makanaka hogged the limelight, making headlines after getting pregnant at the age of 15, when she was doing Form 3, which saw her leaving the show.

Due to the pressure of trying to keep up without his “trusted cadre”, Tinevimbo eventually quit mid-2006.

After all those years, Tinevimbo has resuscitated and came back in a new body, named Tulk Munny — a rapper.

Tulk Munny released his debut album titled Chepa Jecha last year, which propelled him into a household name in the hip-hop circles. Last month he released an album with award-winning producer Take Fizzo titled Gwanda Rulez.

The Standard Style recently caught up with Tulk Munny, who lives a self-exiled lifestyle in Kamfinsa at fellow rapper Dizzy Don’s studio while the two were recording a track, which will feature on Dizzy Don’s forthcoming album.

Tulk Munny insisted that after Star Kidz his passion for arts didn’t die.

“After Star Kidz, I concentrated on the other side of arts — music and being a media technician — with Chipawo where I acquired a national diploma in media arts,” he said.

“Gwanda Rulez is doing well. It is the next thing after Chepa Jecha, my debut album that made everybody listen to my music. It communicates with everyday people, telling everyday stories.”

The artist is not new to music as he also recorded songs as a teenager using the mimicker DVD which is short for David, his middle name when he produced a track called I Think About You. Now he goes by the name Tulk Munny, which he says is inspired by his music hustle — getting money off music and art.

Tulk Munny said he loved working with Makanaka and given an opportunity to relive that life, he would.

“I enjoyed working with Makanaka and we were introduced to each other when we were very young and we had a very good relationship. It’s that part of my life I can’t go back and relive it; right now I am producing for television, but as much as me being in front of the camera, it has to be Tulk Munny the rapper not Tinevimbo Chimbetete the presenter,” he said.

“I am more behind the scenes now. I even go to shows with my camera and when it’s my turn to go on stage people are surprised that I am Tulk Munny, the guy who was holding the camera. That’s what I want now, I want to be Tulk Munny on stage, not before I hit the stage.”

The rapper said he was a fan of his own music and listens to a few artists in the country.

“I am a fan of my own music. I listen a lot to my projects and also I listen to my colleagues from Studio Felonies. My music and life is inspired by my father who taught me the importance of working hard for the family,” he said.

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