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Dreams of brighter future for Miss Chitown

PART of Jamaican singer Busy Signal’s lyrics to his song Dreams of Brighter Days go like;


These are the things I see

Right in front of me…

As I open my eyes, oh I give

Thanks tuh life, oh yes lawd

As the days go by…

Out comes the sun, shinin on my Face again, aha.

Dreams of brighter days aha, aha, aha

The above lyrics can be a true reflection of rising model Shanice Demi Kangombe, who foresees brighter days for her career.

At the age of 18, the rising model might have little experience on the ramp and less to write home about on her curriculum vitae, but she appears to be destined for greater heights.

The teenager is the reigning Miss Chitungwiza —an affirmation that she is a rising star in the modelling industry.

While it might not only be good looks, but hard work and professionalism that propels a model to stardom, Shanice’s luscious looks and envious features suggest the definition of exotic.

She has a tanned complexion, pretty face and awesome body shape embraced by the mermaid-like hairstyle she spots.

“I have always had this mindset of being positive and confident in whatever I do so I believe this will help me to build my name in this competitive modelling industry as I see brighter days coming,” she said.

Interestingly, the budding model draws her inspiration from South Africa-based Zimbabwean RnB singer Queen Vee who is not a model, but whose character has become the source of inspiration for Kangombe.

“I was inspired by Queen Vee…. I love everything on her,” she said.

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