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ZSE market capitalisation breaches $15bn

HARARE — The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE)’s mainstream index picked up 1,13% to close the week at 531,55 points, on gains in selected heavyweight counters.

The mining index, however, lost 1,69% to close at 138,12 points, on losses recorded by Bindura.

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Market capitalisation increased by 1,15% to $15,12 billion from $14,9 billion in the previous week.

Total market turnover increased by 3,18%to $39,65 million from $38,4 million recorded in the previous week.

The largest company by market capitalisation, Delta gained 0,84% to close at 320,21 cents in the week.

Leading the gainers were Lafarge and Cafca after their share prices went up by 44% and 19,97% to trade at 144 cents and 34,55 cents respectively.

Mobile network operator, Econet advanced 2,2% to settle at 186 cents while BAT gained 5,26% to settle at 4 000 cents.

Innscor and Seedco added 1,55% and 0,95% to trade at 168,5 cents and 320 cents respectively.

Old Mutual gained 0,05% to settle at 1,430.7 cents.

CFI and Unifreight also advanced 10,24%and 9,23% to close at 80,75 cents and 1,42 cents respectively while NTS and Zimpapers advanced 3,64% and 17,69% to close at 1,14 cents and 1,53 cents respectively.

FML, Willdale and RTG gained 7,33%, 1,27% and 2,15% to close at 20,5 cents, 0,8 cents and 0,95 cents in that order.

However, other heavyweights National Foods, Simbisa and OK Zimbabwe eased 5,33%, 1,45% and 1,37% to close at 710 cents, 68 cents and 26,63 cents in that order. Padenga lost 0,29% to close at 81,5 cents.

On the shakers side, Ariston was the worst performer in the week easing 16,67% to settle at 1,75 cents while StarAfrica lost 4% to close at 2,4 cents.

ZPI, Afdis and Barclays eased 3,7%, 1,58% and 1,44%to trade at 2,6 cents, 187 cents and 8,87 cents respectively.

On the mining space, Bindura lost 12,28% to settle at 5 cents, offsetting gains recorded by the other mining counters.

RioZim gained 3,23% to trade at 119,75 cents while Hwange and Falcon added 1,6% and 9,45% to close at 3,8  cents and 2,2 cents respectively.  

Foreigners remained net sellers in the week, disposing of shares worth $14,2 million compared to buys of $9,4 million.

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