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Jackie: Socialite with a heart of gold

In Zimbabwe, being a socialite is no joke as it comes with cosmetic expenses which make it hard for the financially humble to sustain.


Designer wear, Gucci bags and exorbitantly priced stilettos are currency in the world of slay queens.

But, apparently, for Jacqueline “Jackie” Ngarande, there is more to life than flaunting the swag. She has given herself to helping the less privileged in society.

“As the Jackie Ngarande Foundation, we have continuously strived to find better ways to impact the lives of the less privileged, especially children. Allow me to introduce my 2018 project, The JN Educational Foundation,” Ngarande captioned an Instagram snap last week.

In the image where she bears an innocent look donning a school uniform are the words: “for all primary and secondary schoolchildren”, suggesting that she is set to unveil a bursary fund soon.

Last winter through the goodwill ambassadorial role for Simuka Africa Youth Association (Saya), Ngarande was part of the organisation’s programmes of feeding the poor while she also took to the streets where she served tea along with some goodies to young street dwellers in Harare.

In an initiative themed “Jackie Ngarande Street Tea,” the former model had a week of giving, stretching from July 10 to 15.

“I asked myself as I sat in my house warm, bundled up with a cup of tea how those out in the streets were surviving and I realised I had to do something, no matter how small,” she told The Standard Style then.

Raised by a widow, Ngarande said her background had shaped an urge to help the needy lead better lives, even with the little assistance she can provide despite the tough economic situation.

“I cannot help everyone or end poverty but I can help and make a change in someone’s life. I am not trying to save anyone, but I am trying my best to be a citizen, playing a role in the current socio-economic hardships we are facing in our country,” said Ngarande. She pledged to make it an annual event.

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