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US-based Amanda drops new single

United States-based Zimbabwean actress and musician Amanda Badze aka Amabeyond recently released a single titled Folklore.
Amabeyond, who grew up in Gweru and is now based in Houston, Texas in the Unites States features DJ Discord in the song, whose beat draws inspiration from the evocative sounds of the traditional Zimbabwe beat.

By Derick Jairosi

Late last year the musician dropped a single titled Texasmade, which she said was “a subtle celebration of the new Zimbabwe”. On her latest track which was launched in Harare at a local radio station, Amabeyond said she believed the audience and the listeners can attach meaning to the song.

“Folklore’s meaning can be extracted by both the listener and artists equally and from infinite layers of comprehension,” she said.
“Folklore is more of a traditional song, which depicts the contemporary community lifestyle, where I expressed the necessity to walk through thick and thin so as to improve, especially in moral and religious knowledge for the betterment of humanity.”

She believes the song will make it to the top as listeners expressed enjoyment on the day she launched it.

“The song was first played in Zimbabwe on the Star FM’s Breakfast Show and listeners were mesmerised by it. I’m hoping it will be a hit song,” she said.

Despite the fact that she was living in Houston, Texas from a tender age, Amabeyond said she was always in touch with the African culture.

Amabeyond studied Fine Arts with Musical Theatre concentration at Howard University in Washington.

“My passion lies in the art of evolving, questioning, observing and validating my existence through the power and vehicle of creativity, as well as utilising it to face my fears while being as authentic as possible. I am practitioner of the visual, musical and movement arts,” she said.

She said she was inspired by Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Santigold, Kanye West, Charis Dondeli, Oliver Mutukudzi, Miriam Makeba and Hanzo Gustavo.

“Some of my musical inspirations, to name a few, are classical musicians such as Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach, Thomas Newmon, and Eric Whitacre. I appreciate some pop music, and any and all Trap Music. Of course, and I love Cynthia Mare’s voice!”

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