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Samp and bean curry

Last week I travelled to South Africa with my nephew and friend. I had missed going on a road trip and we enjoyed it. The drive was long and heavily punctuated with potholes of various shapes, sizes and depth. And true to their existence, the potholes blessed us with one tyre puncture on our way to and another on our way back. I’m told they were not very generous with us as some experienced more than one blessing of a tyre puncture on the one way.

By Edith

Apart from the pothole menace, the the trip was enjoyable. And as you already know, I did have a taste of some South African traditional food. A friend of a friend hosted us for lunch and we had one of the most hearty meals ever. We actually took a siesta after the meal. A very big thank you to Andile for hosting us in Polokwane.

So what did Andile make for us? She made samp and bean curry served with lamb chops. The samp and bean curry can actually be served on its own as a vegetarian meal. But being the carnivores that we are we also enjoyed the succulent braaied lamb chops too. Today I will give you the recipe for the samp and bean curry then we will talk about the lamb chops on another day.

Samp and bean curry


l1 cup samp washed and soaked overnight

l1 cup dried beans washed and soaked overnight

l1 tablespoon cooking oil

l1 medium-sized onion, finely chopped

l3 cloves garlic, crushed

l1 green bell pepper, finely chopped

l1 tablespoon curry of your choice depending on how hot you want the meal

l1 teaspoon black pepper

l100ml beef stock

lSalt to taste


You can soak the samp and beans together. Drain the water and put in large pot and cover with fresh water. Cover and simmer at medium heat for about two hours, checking whether they are soft. When the samp and beans are done fry the onions, garlic and green pepper in the oil in another pot until translucent. Add the curry and black pepper and fry another minute. Frying the curry brings out the flavour well and ensures they blend well with the rest of the ingredients. Add the samp and beans and pour the beef stock. Season with salt to desired taste. Reduce heat and simmer a further 15 to 20 minutes until the water has evaporated. Serve with lamb chops or you can enjoy the curry on its own.

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