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Vee Kay reignites spark in marriages

Songstress Vimbainashe “Vee Kay” Zimuto has released sultry visuals to the song Hapana Kwaunoenda in an attempt to spark dimming love flames among married couples.

bY Staff Reporter

Snaps from the video had kept people online captivated over the past weeks as they waited to see the end product of the eccentric effort.

In an interview, the Netherlands-based songbird described the song as her attempt to resuscitate waning love relationships, a phenomenon which has spiked divorce cases in the country.

“Well, I see that in our country, at least from the marriages I have seen, the intimacy dies because of children, work, and stress, so couples lose that spark they used to have,” said Vee Kay.

“This song is just driving couples to the direction of trying to create time for intimacy, kumbonyatsodanana zvisina kumhanya [applying real love] nice and slow.”

The song depicts a husband and wife who both, due to work commitments, are no longer intimate but have made plans to avert that. However, with the husband about to cancel the date again, the wife refuses to take no for an answer and says “hapana kwaunoenda” [you are not going anywhere].

Vee Kay employs some sensual Shona words coupled with romantic expressions and actions in what has raised eyebrows among conservative critics who regard generous skin-showing a taboo.

But, the unwavering Lobola singer believes nakedness is part of African culture, which she is defiantly trying to portray.

“We grabbed our oppressors’ form of dressing and we shunned our own and lost our so-called culture in the process,” she said.

Meanwhile, Vee Kay has been flying between Zimbabwe and her Europe base in the build-up to the release of videos and an album set for launch in July.

“It’s a gango [mixture] of different tastes and I am giving my mbira some new vibes and my fans some hot saucy love, life and party,” she said, adding that “all the songs are unapologetically true and straight to the point of daily life”.

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