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Business urged to embrace animation

Time has come for businesses to embrace animation as a viable marketing tool that can save resources, Richgan Digital Arts creative director Richard Gandari has said.

By Staff Reporter

With technology constantly upgrading, many businesses are rapidly replacing manual labour with reliable automatic systems that can do the same jobs efficiently.

In a recent interview with The Standard Style, Gandari said despite public belief that animation was expensive, it is cost-effective and can produce specific productions through the use of avatars and cartoon characters.

“It’s faster than employing real actors who have to master scripts and have to be found at the right time and under the right conditions,” said Gandari, adding that there was a misconception that it was expensive.

“The prevailing attitude that we have seen so far is that people think it’s expensive and when you show them a concept involving animation one thing that comes to their mind is that it costs a lot of money. This is, however, not the case because it costs less than a third of traditional video filming and post-production.”

According to Gandari, there is lingering scepticism among people who question the impact that cartoons have in marketing.

“In business, people think they [cartoons] cannot carry out the actual job because they are not real in nature so they associate them with entertainment,” he said.

However, animation has an edge over traditional marketing as many stunts can be applied without harm on human life or property, meaning productions come at a relatively lower cost.

“Avatars do not have any life away from the set, where scandalous behaviour can tarnish the brands they represent and they can take up any acting role without fear or compromise,” Gandari said.

In addition, the client gets full creative control of the production as no credits are given to the producers of the animation film.

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