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Jeys to launch Ntunja Mbila album

Music legend Majahawodwa Ndlovu, popularly known as Jeys Marabini (pictured right), will launch his much-awaited ninth album titled Ntunja Mbila after close to two years of production.

By Sindiso Dube

Jeys Marabini

The album, which was produced by youthful producer Oktopus, will be launched at the Bulawayo Theatre on August 31.

Last year in November this publication reported that Jeys was going to launch the album in December, but that did not materialise. Marabini last week explained why he postponed the launch.

“I take my time to record. I am a perfectionist and I don’t do half-baked music and like I always say, my music is timeless because I put time in doing it,” he told The Standard Style.

“Initially, we were supposed to launch the album in December, but I felt it was not yet good enough to share with our fans.

“Our fans are the biggest stakeholders of our work and we do what we do for them, so they ought to be respected only by giving them well-polished work.”

Jeys paid tribute to the production team.

“I am so grateful to be working with a young producer like Nathaniel Oktopus, who has done wonders on the album. He is a visionary and a listener,” he said.

“I also thank Ramadu for the mixing and mastering of my work and also my band. I urge music lovers to come for the launch of this beautiful work of art that I have prepared for them.”

When The Standard Style visited Jeys in the studio last Monday, he was putting final touches on two songs from the 10-track album. One of the songs talks about love and the title track, Ntunja Mbila, is a “prayer” about changing the fortunes of common people.

“Ntunja Mbila is a rock where people go into when they are in trouble. It protects them from harm and difficult times and when one leaves the same rock, they leave with good luck,” he said.

“Ntunja Mbila is a strong rock, a rock of hope, it never dies. In other words, I am saying Jeys Marabini has been a strong rock in the music industry for the past 28 years. I am still there and I am not going anyway despite these harsh economic challenges.”

The album will be sold for $10.

Other albums under Marabini’s name are Emarabini, Thuthukani Ngothando, Sounds of Today, Jeys Marabini One Time, Izenzo, Jeys @ 40, Silo and Thula Sane.

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