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‘The preacher’ drops another gospel gem

Seasoned musician Patrick Nyahwo, popularly known as The Preacher, has dropped his first pure gospel album Taurai Neni, which is aimed at dispelling conflict between his Christian life and music by teaching society to love God.

by Staff Reporter

Patrick Nyahwo

Nyahwo told The Standard Style on Monday that he was elated that the title track Taurai Neni was rocking the airwaves and had already earned a place on Radio Zimbabwe’s gospel charts.

“God has answered my prayer that my music should touch the lives of people and I am happy that the song Taurai Neni is now part of the Radio Zimbabwe top 20 gospel songs and continues to rock airwaves on National FM,” he said.

He said visuals for the 10-track album were expected to be out in two weeks’ time.

The Preacher, who has seven albums to his name which are a combination of gospel and social philosophy lyrics, said his focus was now on reaching the wider community inculcating and cultivating Christian values through gospel music.

“I have decided to be a Christian role model to society, singing what I teach and preach every day to avoid a mismatch of values because those who love the way I preach every day wanted music that reflected that Christian life.”

According to Nyahwo the title track is a worship song with a prayer inviting God to talk to his people today in the manner he spoke to Moses and Samuel through a burning bush and dreams.

“It’s my wish to encourage and spur everyone to invite God to talk to them as they work, travel, in their families and as they pray. God is the answer to every challenge.”

The album carries other songs including Ndinovimba featuring gospel artiste and producer Forward Mazuruse, Mhosva Ndeyei?, Anoturunura Ndimambo, Vanewe, Vanopindira, Vanokuchengeta, Makatendeka and Mweya Mutsvene.

All songs on the album were composed and arranged by Nyahwo while the recording was done at Revival Studios by Mazuruse with the help of experienced engineers in the mould of Edmore Kapitaure and Charles Zinovhi. 

Backing vocalist Lucia Mananga and instrumentalists Admire Juao, Innocent Pauros and Laiton Milaso spiced up the album.

Nyahwo said listeners on radio have been charmed by the messages and acoustic sound on both the lead and rhythm guitars from his band Kingdom Soldiers managed by Sydney Sithole.

“The lead guitar appreciation was done by Forward Mazuruse, the splendid sound on rhythm was done by Admire Juao while the rocking bass guitar was strummed by Laiton Milaso,” he said.

Nyahwo says there was a phenomenal response to his latest offering from his fans on social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Nyahwo is a senior English teacher at Waddilove High School in Marondera who began writing music in 1996  with a band called Orchestra Chimbichehorwe before his first production was produced at Gramma Records in 2001.

At Waddilove, Nyahwo is in charge of the school’s gospel group made up of students called The Soldiers of Heaven. The group has also made national waves and has featured on both television and radio after recording its debut album in 2010 called Mbiri Kuna Mwari.

Nyahwo says managing the various tasks of teaching, preaching in church and doing music may not be such a stroll in the park, but then he enjoys the tasks and that makes it all enjoyable and easily achievable.

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