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‘Cheating’ Andy Muridzo angers fans

Musician Andy Muridzo is in trouble and this time it is not his wife “baby mana” (Mai Keketso), fellow musician Jah Prayzah or the police. His fans are so angry with him they are threatening a boycott over his alleged infidelity with a city woman.

By Kennedy Nyavaya

Andy Muridzo and Madam Boss

The past few days have been hell on earth for the Uzumba-bred musician who, in addition to receiving a beating from his former wife and a group of lured men, has had to deal with his followers’ anger which, if social media comments are anything to go by, could negatively affect his yet-to-be-released project titled Shiri Yamambo.

While recovering from the Thursday afternoon bashing, Muridzo, born Andrew Ngwenya, appeared to taunt his followers across social media platforms by posting a picture of himself with comedienne Madam Boss, which he captioned “Basa sebasa”.

“We respected and loved you even in your dark times until yesterday [Thursday]. Leaving your wife for some rich woman… [if] you like big beds with headboards, buy yourself one . I’m unbelievably hurt by your lack of thinking and your inability to understand life in general,” commented Boniface Musvaire on Instagram.

“You just lost a fan, I hate you now,” was Shumirai Ngolovani’s reaction on Facebook.

The Friday post along with many other recent ones have attracted hundreds of negative comments with man fans saying the artiste had not seen the light after his shenanigans with pole dancer Beverly Sibanda last year.

“Andy Muridzo seems to always manage to self-sabotage. [He] manages to press the self-destruct button whenever he is set to grow. It’s tragic, such an amazing talent but he lacks self-control [and] discipline required for elite artistry. A real shame….” tweeted @MikeTashaya.

Attempts to get Muridzo’s side of the story hit a snag as he was not picking his mobile phone on Friday.

But, the controversial musician may want to quickly forget this year which saw him leave Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement (MTM) with a bruised ego, releasing a lukewarm album titled Munondo, being involved in a hit-and-run accident while driving without a licence and now allegations of infidelity with a city woman.

Ironically, Madam Boss (real name Tyra Chikoko) also found herself in a similar net earlier this week after claims by fellow skit satirist Mai Titi that she was cheating on her husband.

“Honestly speaking, at the moment I am not going to say anything because people could say I am mad too. it’s social media and anyone can say what they want,” Madam Boss told The Standard Style.

According to her, the silent treatment of the matter was advised by her husband “who told me to keep quiet about the issue” and “has been by my side through everything”.

“At the moment we have not considered taking any action [against Mai Titi], but we are cool and I know if it gets out of hand, God will fight for me. My husband has been by my side through everything,” she said.

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