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Baba Harare’s biggest blunder

Three years after ditching Jah Prayzah’s outfit, Third Generation, to pursue a solo career Afro contemporary musician, Baba Harare — real name Braveman Chizvino — still undervalues himself and his artistry.

By Style Reporter

Baba Harare (in military colours) performs at the launch of his third album titled Ramba Wakadzvanya in Harare on Friday

Despite proving to the world that he can stand on his own in this cut-throat music industry following the release of the hit track The Reason Why off his second album titled Munamato Warasta, Baba Harare is void of those core principles that are absolutely required to build, grow and sustain a successful career in music.

This was evidenced on Friday when the former Jah Prayzah backing vocalist and guitarist chose a “match box venue” to launch his third album titled Ramba Wakadzvanya. Considering his popularity, thanks to the jiti-flavoured The Reason Why, Baba Harare could have opted for a more spacious venue. He needs to grow.

Despite the venue being too small and making the crowd feel uneasy and exposed to pickpocketing, it was the stage that left a lot to be desired. There were no barriers to control the crowd and maximise security as fans would jump on stage willy-nilly.

Even some members of his backing group — The City Vibration Band — could not be accommodated on the stage and performed from the periphery.

“The musician, manager or promoter overlooked and underestimated the brand Baba Harare. They could have looked for a much bigger venue. What Baba Harare was three years ago is different from what Baba Harare is today,” said one local music promoter.

Away from the logistics, Baba Harare gave a vintage act when he launched the 10-track album.

The musician, who seems to be gaining self-assurance with each performance, got on stage at 10pm and introduced fans to the new album with the track Gamha Ukande — a traditional flavoured beat.

It seems Baba Harare’s sense of humour is keeping him in the groove as evidenced in the track Bhinya Ibhinya, which he performed before taking a break to allow guest of honour, Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet Tapiwa Freddy, make his remarks.

Freddy implored authorities to come up with measures to curb piracy.

“There is need for authorities to work strategies that deal with piracy to help artistes realise their dreams,” Freddy said.

The preacher was the highest bidder, buying Baba Harare’s CD for $5 000.

Several artistes including Romeo Gasa, Peter Moyo, Carlos Green, Andy Muridzo, Alick Macheso publicity manager Tich Makahamadze and dancer Selemani “Majuice” Mpochi, Jah Signal, Dereck Mpofu and comedian MaBla10 were in attendance.

The album, which is laced with comedy, was produced by Maselo at Maselo Studios, Oskid and at Mount Zion.

Songs carried on the album include Ramba Wakadzvanya, Bhinya Ibhinya, Hymn 12, Sadza Nebhinzi, Zvakanaka Mambo, Gamha Ukande, Yakasviba (featuring Samanyanga), Nhonga Nyama, Gure, Mafuta and a bonus track Mhoro Baby.

The stage was warmed up by several groups including Samanyanga. Conspicuous by his absence was Zanu-PF loyalist musician Chief Hwenje Shumba of the ED-PFee fame who had earlier on been included among supporting acts.

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