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Who are these prophets, are they of God?

Uebert and Beverly Angel


Jesus was born into the Jewish culture and system. Most of the things that happen to Israel even in our time have an impact on the world. The United States of America as a nation has supported Israel for years. Could this alliance be the reason for the wealth and prosperity of America as a nation? The Bible speaks on how those that bless Israel will prosper. In the church, Israel is a prophetic calendar to understand God’s plans. When you look closely at Israel, you tap into the ability to understand God’s message for your time. Every event that happens to Israel is important to understanding the plan and purpose of God for us. Christians are encouraged to always pay close attention to the events in Israel.

As a Christian, I have things that also drew my attention that will happen in Israel like the last two witnesses that will minister from Jerusalem (Revelation 11: 1-14). The Bible says these two prophets will carry such power and authority that the world will be convicted by their message. This will happen physically and when you will see that event, be rest assured Christ is near.

This will happen shortly before the second coming of Christ, but also in our time. their mantles are already on the earth (a mantle is an object used to transfer an anointing or ability which allows the holder of that object an ability to function like the original possessor of the ability) The Bible does not state who they are, but I drew a conclusion that it is Elijah and Enoch since they are the only two recorded not to have tasted death. These prophets are symbols of different anointing and different functions. When you look closely at their lives, you can see how these anointings are in operation.

Elijah is a symbol of judgment and the type of prophetic movement we have witnessed in our generation — that of accurate words of knowledge. He was also a prophet who stood for the principles of God against false prophets.

In some ways, he was and his mantle a symbol of intercession and deep love for the people of God. In our time, we have prophets who have manifested this gift and mantle of Elijah like never before.

Not ever before have we seen such an outpouring of the prophetic gift like in our time. People have seen and witnessed this accurate ministry in operation. Prophets like Uebert Angel, Brian Carn, Edd Branson and even many more have demonstrated the mantle of Elijah and to the world and the church.

But another mantle is in operation, the mantle of Enoch. That’s the mantle of relationship and demonstration of power. We are yet to witness this and I was shown how these prophets will teach others how to operate in the spirit and see visions. They will trigger rapture because Enoch triggered his own translation through fellowship (the coming of Yeshua). We pray that people will not miss these two operations and they have already been released in our time. Israel is important in this equation also. The deep things of God are so simple that a lot miss them. Israel missed her visitation when the Lord came because they failed to recognise Christ Jesus as the Messiah. But the Bible teaches us to favour and bless Israel. Most people who love Israel have a deep relationship with God because they would be reflecting God’s love for His people. Many fight the prophetic because man will always fight what he does not understand and what he cannot control. We wait for the coming king.

Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He has written several books including The Enoch Generation, Truthfulness and Theophany. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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