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Bheme embraces online music marketing

Fulton Bheme

By Panashe Ndlovu

Local Afro-jazz and gospel musician Fulton Bheme says he is elevating his brand by making use of online media platforms as he tries to make his music reach to all corners of the world.

Bheme, who is the founder and director of Zingoma Trust Fund, told Standard Style that he wants to take advantage of information and communication technology to promote his music.

“The world has gone digital and almost everyone is on his computer or phone looking for something and doing business. As an artiste, I believe it is wise to follow the trend and make my music accessible to everyone in Zimbabwe and around the world,” Bheme said.

Bheme’s debut album titled Mukudzei is available on all online music sales platforms, including the local online platform

“My music is not for me only, but mainly for consumers in Zimbabwe, Africa and possibly the entire world, so as my music reaches all these places, so will my name,” Bheme said.

The gospel crooner urged other local artistes to make use of online media platforms to promote their products.

“All artistes should take advantage of online music marketing and sell their music there. I am actually surviving from that and so shall every artiste because once someone takes your songs online, be assured that the person will drop something for you to survive from,” he said.

The album Mukudzei carries 11 tracks which were all composed by Bheme, who is backed by vocalists Patience Masiyambiri, Forget Kuweyo and Praise Nyadim.

Bheme bemoaned piracy in the music industry, saying many artistes were failing to realise their dreams due to the scourge.

“Like every artiste in Zimbabwe, piracy affects me as well. We as artistes are not being valued as much as we ought to be since our music is sold by people who do not understand the struggles and hardships we face when producing songs,” he said.

“It pains me to see people living good lives from selling things that did not come out of their sweat and what upsets me most is having a Copyright Act that is not being used in full force.”

Bheme sees himself influencing other artistes and the arts sector understand the importance of online music selling, as well as reaching places on the market that most gospel artistes have never penetrated.

He says he is mainly focused on promoting his album Mukudzei, named after his son Bradley Mukudzeishe.

“What I hate is a scenario where I gain fame for producing too many albums while my lifestyle fails to tally with that fame,” he said.

Bheme assured his fans of more music and videos of songs from the album Mukudzei.

Zingoma Trust Fund mainly focuses on facilitating, promoting and packaging music for the global market through the development of a financially viable and sustainable music industry as well as harnessing talents at grassroots level.

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