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Zig Zag band plots resurrection

Zig Zag doing rehearsals in Kwekwe recently

By Brenna Matendere in Kwekwe

Forgotten Kwekwe-based Chigiyo music ensemble, Zig Zag, is plotting a major come back and is silently stitching up its act behind the curtains at auditoriums in the small midlands mining town.

Zig-Zag was famed in the yesteryear for classic hit songs that placed Zimbwean music talent in the international spotlight. The band’s hits with a deep traditional flair included Gomo Ramasare, Hombiro, VaMandela, Nyarunde and Ropa Remukaranga. However, the original outfit suffered a setback in the mid-90s and early 2000 following the deaths of its founder members.

The band is now led by Steve Lunga, the surviving brother of the famed Lunga brothers, George and Robert, who were some of the founding pillars of the Amaveni-based outfit.

Emmanuel Nkomo and Stanley Phiri completed, the quartet of the original members of Zig Zag who grew up together in the densely-populated suburb in the 1960s and 1970s.

“We are currently putting together our music away from the prodding eye of the media. Actually for now we are rehearsing in preparation of our new album,” said the media-shy Lunga.

“We are now performing at private functions like weddings and parties for our fans in order to fine-tune our act, but soon we are going live and public.”

Last week the band leader increased his presence on social media in an indication of the planned resurrection. He posted memorable photos of the Chigiyo music outfit and promised to meet fans at live shows being planned. Some of the posts read: “Blessed rising Kings and Queens”, “Chigiyo Rockers Delight. Zig Zag band is preparing for live shows!” “Chigiyo vibes,” and “Have fun and enyoy your weekend Jah Bless”.

On Monday last week, Lunga posted a clip of the hit Mudzimu Mukuru on YouTube and in a short space of time, likes and views began to spiral.

“We are doing our things quietly, but more surprises for fans are coming,” said the dreadlocked Lunga.

The last time Zig Zag made an impact in showbiz was in 2013 when they released the album Harder than a Rock which had 10 tracks.

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