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Are there powerful demons?


WHEN Jesus came down a mountain, he found his disciples struggling to cast out a demon from a young boy.

He had gone up the mountain with three of his closest disciples and left the remaining nine behind. Among the nine, not one had power and authority over that demon.

The father of the child cried out to Jesus and even explained how his disciples could not cast out that demon.

The disciples themselves could not understand how they also failed to cast it out because earlier, Jesus had sent them out to minister, and they had authority over the demons they encountered. Why did this one seem more powerful?

Jesus explained how that kind of demon could only be sent packing through prayer and fasting, which leaves me with the question: are there powerful demons that are so strong that some believers cannot cast them out unless they pray and fast?

What was Jesus talking about when he said “this kind goeth not but only by prayer and fasting”?

In one of his teachings, a minister of the gospel, Tanya Jeriel, said: “The master was not speaking about the strength of the demon, but the level of the unbelief of the disciples.”

Earlier on, Jesus had said that kind would only go out by prayer and fasting. He was speaking on the need to believe. So, he says “this kind of unbelief” — not demons — goes out only by prayer and fasting.

Many Christians fast with the desire to attain power over demons and yet those that manifest this power seem not to fast as much. So, is there need to fast for power or one has to deal with unbelief for them to have this power?

When one does not have faith, situations seem impossible and unchangeable. Notice how even when Jesus visited his home town, he couldn’t perform as many miracles as he’d done in other places.

The unbelief of the people in the city prevented the power of God from moving among them.

Unbelief is so powerful that it stopped Jesus from doing miracles and it was so powerful that it stopped the nine disciples from casting out a demon from that boy.

No matter how much you want a miracle, if you don’t believe God can heal you or change your situation, it will not happen. Or that he has given you power over that situation, it will not change.

The Bible says faith comes by hearing. So the more of God’s word you hear, the more faith you have. A minister of the gospel can heal many cancer cases and still visit a relative who remains in hospital.

The one who gets healed of cancer believes in him as a man of God while the relative may not. What allows another to access the healing anointing from the man of God is faith or believing in that he is used of God.

The general from Syria was told go and wash in the Jordan River so that he could be healed of leprosy. He complained about how dirty the water was. God does not use perfect things to bring your solution and we question a man’s integrity and are blinded to our solutions.

Just because Naaman thought the water was dirty did not change the fact that his healing was tied to that water.

What you have hard about a man of God does not affect him but stops you from accessing your miracle.

Unbelief is a system that stops man from accessing their miracle. No wonder Jesus said, “this kind goeth not but by prayer and fasting”. God bless you!

Humphrey Mtandwa is an anointed minister of the gospel and teacher of the Word based in South Africa. He blogs at mtandwa.blogspot.com and can be contacted via e-mail or WhatsApp on +27 610286350.

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